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To Be ‘Honest,’ Midnight Kids Released an Iconic San Holo Remix 💜

To Be ‘Honest,’ Midnight Kids Released an Iconic San Holo Remix 💜


San Holo teamed up with Broods earlier this year to create ‘Honest.’ If that wasn’t enough for us, now Midnight Kids has released their killer remix!

Listen to the track here:

You can listen to the ‘Honest’ remix here now!

The remix for ‘Honest’ adds a new layer of energy to the track. Any raver will feel instantly at home playing this new version of San Holo’s song. The production on the track inspires a dreamlike nostalgia that would make anyone want to dance!

Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee, the geniuses behind Midnight Kids, aim to use their music to bring people together. The DJs create sentimental music to allow their fans to reminisce over their stories, and share them with the world. With over one million monthly listeners on Spotify, Midnight Kids have given us hits like ‘Serious’ and ‘Those Were The Days’ among many others.

San Holo’s New Music

San Holo released ‘Honest’ back in January, but his new releases are currently on the way! He dropped a new song ‘(if only i could) hold you’ on March 27. In an effort to lift the spirits of his fans during this quarantine period, he announced he would be releasing new music every week for the foreseeable future. The ‘stay vibrant’ tracks will premiere every Monday! We stan a generous king.

San Holo confirmed a new track will be released on Monday, April 6. Make sure you stay tuned for new music! Fans of this amazing artist love him for his positive vibes, and commitment to spreading love. We have to say, we agree! Keep an eye out for his new music. What do you think of his latest release? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Tate Lumb. Image source: Capitol Music Group. Image Source: Midnight Kids via Instagram.

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