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We Are ‘Falling’ For Trevor Daniel’s New Album, Nicotine

We Are ‘Falling’ For Trevor Daniel’s New Album, Nicotine

Trevor Daniel released his debut album, Nicotine, on March 26, 2020. Including hits like ‘Falling’ and ‘Past Life,’ this album is sure to be on repeat! Any fan of pop, hip hop, or alternative can find a part of Nicotine to relate to. Daniel has managed to perfectly express the emotional highs and lows of a person in love.

Fans of any artist from Tame Impala to blackbear can find a song on this album to enjoy. Melancholy tracks like ‘Anymore’ bring to mind artists like Juice WRLD, while brighter sounding tracks like ‘All Of That’ are reminiscent of Post Malone. Trevor Daniel paves a very distinct lane for himself within popular music as the connector between all the parts of ourselves that we couldn’t quite fit together. All the kids who were “raised by Biggie and Nirvana” should give this album a listen.

This Album Gets Deep

Critiques of genre-bending artists or trap-influenced sounds may need to think again when they hear Nicotine. With geniuses like Finneas O’Connell coproducing tracks, complexity is almost a guarantee. Daniel holds his own in asserting his musical talent, delivering honest lyrics like “Sitting here, talking to myself. Thinking how I used to use you. Only thing I’m used to.” The challenging task of navigating love sparked the inspiration for the tracks on this debut.

Nicotine is a metaphor for how I felt last year, being in a relationship loving someone that I knew was bad for me,” shares Trevor. “No matter how much you’re attached to someone, toxicity is toxicity. It’s important to recognize that, and move forward even if that person is a good person. Sometimes it just ultimately isn’t the right match” says Daniel about the themes presented on his album.

Listen to the album here:

The album is available for streaming now!

See Trevor Daniel Live on Tour

For all updates on where you can see Trevor Daniel perform live, check out his website! He is planning to tour across North America starting this summer in Seattle, Washington. He will also be an opening act for Camila Cabello’s Romance Tour later this year!

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