All Time Low Says It’s Time To Wake Up, Sunshine Because Their New Album Is Here!

All Time Low Says It’s Time To Wake Up, Sunshine Because Their New Album Is Here!

After many months of vague tweets, fan conspiracies, and a panda napping on IG live, All Time Low’s much anticipated album Wake Up, Sunshine is finally here! The album dropped on April 3rd, thankfully not facing any delays in release. However, many of the tracks were released as singles prior to the album drop. All Time Low just wanted to bring a little sunshine to the world in these difficult times, and they definitely brought the sunshine.

All Time Low Told You To Wake Up, Sunshine
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The 15 track album sounds like a return to All Time Low’s roots. Many of the songs have a distinct All Time Low sound. The album has some nostalgia laden tracks as well, it really feels like an album written for the fans who stuck around to watch them grow. Don’t get it twisted though, it’s a great summer album whether you’re a new fan or an OG Hustler. It also features collaboration tracks with blackbear and The Band CAMINO!

It also lives up to its name. We’d describe the overall vibe of the album as a “summer” album, full of encouragement and positive vibes. It’s the kind of album that makes us want to get in the car and drive with the windows down, with these songs in the background.

Another reason to hop on the All Time Low Wake Up, Sunshine hype train is that this album really showcases the strength of each member. From the vocals to the drums and guitars, each member’s talent shines throughout the album. The tracks are full of this combined talent and it really makes the album something special.

Now then, we could go on and on about all the songs and why they’re so amazing, but we thought we’d let you decide for yourself! You can give the album a listen here, and once you’ve done that, rank the songs you like best!

How Would You Rank The Tracks From Wake Up, Sunshine?

Wake Up, Sunshine! New All Time Low music is here!
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Monsters (feat. blackbear)


Up until this track, all of the songs previously listed were released before the album drop. 'Monsters' is one of two collab tracks on the album that fans were excited for. It has a more intense vibe than many of the other songs on the album, a heavier sort of style to adapt to blackbear's killer verse. It's definitely a fan favorite on the album!


Pretty Venom (interlude)


This song is for sure a different vibe than the rest of the album and is a different style for All Time Low overall. Definitely doesn't mean it's a bad song. 'Pretty Venom' is...well...pretty! The vocals are beautiful, with layered harmonies accompanied by a low tempo beat and distinguishable guitar. It might not be a song you'd open a pit to, but you can definitely vibe to this song.


Some Kind Of Disaster

Image Source: All Time Low

The first single we got from WUS!


Melancholy Kaleidoscope


This track captures that melancholy feeling of being down and trying to push through it. Lead singer Alex Gaskarth mentioned in a recent livestream that this song related to his own experiences with seasonal depression. It's a perfect blend of upbeat melancholy, like they're telling you it's okay if you're sad, things will be okay. And the lyric "can't be 100 if you're only giving 95" is also fire.


Wake Up, Sunshine


The title track of the album definitely lives up to its name. Everything about this song just screams positivity, uplifting energy, and summer vibes. The lyrics are also notable in that they directly parallel the lyrics to 'Therapy,' as many of you OG All Time Low fans may have already noticed. "Wake Up, Sunshine somebody loves you for yourself" versus "Love yourself so no one has to"
Talk about an emotional glow up <3


Favorite Place (feat. The Band CAMINO)


The second of the two collab tracks, 'Favorite Place' was also a highly anticipated song on the album. If you wanted to get into your feels about your person (or lack thereof), well this is just the song to do that. The Band CAMINO only made this song better, with the vocals combining beautifully. We have to say, All Time Low is our favorite place.




'Safe' is a beautiful song about leaving it all behind, quitting on your overthinking, and finding that safe place for yourself to thrive, even if it's only for moments at a time. It's a song that made many fans emotional and has a strong, reassuring message to it. If you've reached a certain point in your personal journey, you're probably going to relate very hard to this song.


Glitter & Crimson


This song has arguably one of the best bridges on the album. Alex's vocals are amazing on this track and the drums also really add depth to the track. It's a more laid back song, but still a bop nonetheless.


Summer Daze (Seasons, Pt. 2)


Uhm don't judge us but we're definitely going to use the lyrics to this song for ALL of our IG captions this summer. This is another one of those summer vibe songs that we can't get enough of. We don't want summer to fade away either. The bridge of this song is also phenomenal and the vocals are top notch. This is definitely one of the tracks where you can hear how each member individually shines, as all of the parts of the song blend together so well.


Getaway Green


This track was one of the more highly anticipated songs on the album seeing as fans have been waiting for a studio release for nearly a year now! It's definitely a roll your windows down and scream along type of song.


Trouble Is


If you've ever had a hard time letting go of a person or a relationship, this is the song for you. With soaring vocals and an up-tempo beat, this song gives off hella pop punk vibes. Not to mention, how relatable are the lyrics?


January Gloom (Seasons, Pt. 1)


This song has an upbeat vibe and you might also interpret this one as relating to seasonal depression (the title is, after all, 'January Gloom'). It's another easter egg type of song, with some of the lyrics/melodies relating back to 'Missing You.'




'Clumsy' was the bop that no one was expecting. It 100% has a noticeably distinct All Time Low vibe to it and is the type of song that could have really been placed anywhere in their discography. It's upbeat, it's powerful, it's hard hitting and we really, really, really hope it gets played live. So All Time Low, if you ever read this...please.


Sleeping In


This upbeat and snappy track is second on the record. It's the kind of song that makes you want to get up and jam out, and there's a Britney Spears reference in it so it kind of wins.


Basement Noise


If you're an OG All Time Low fan, this song might (read: will) make you cry. It's, as described by the boys themselves on a recent livestream, about the legacy of the band after 17 years. 'Basement Noise' pays homage to times long gone, when the band would hang out in drummer Rian Dawson's basement writing songs together. Just look at how far they've come since then :')

All 15 questions completed!

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How Would You Rank The Tracks From Wake Up, Sunshine?

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