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You Won’t Be In Love With Anyone Else After Hearing LOOTE’s New Single

You Won’t Be In Love With Anyone Else After Hearing LOOTE’s New Single


The amazing duo, LOOTE, is back with their newest single ‘Somebody Else,’ and just like every other track they’ve released, it’s a certified bop. Following, ‘All The F**king Time’ and ‘This Is How U Feel” features the same amazing production that every LOOTE song has, and this time, we get some major vocals from, Jackson Foote, half of the LOOTE duo! The other half of the duo is Emma Lov, who leads the previous two singles released ahead of their new EP!  

‘Somebody Else’ is a song about loving someone who doesn’t love you back until it’s too late. With lyrics like, “I drove home from your place/ My heart broke the whole way,” you can only imagine the heartache going through the person’s head. 

The chorus takes us into words that will be repeating in your head long after the minutes run down on the track. “You didn’t want me ’til I wanted somebody else/ Want me ’til I wanted somebody else.”

Releasing their new ep heart eyes on the 24th of this month, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks! 

“The ‘heart eyes’ EP is about being in LOVE! For once! Me and Emma always say that our bodies of work always paint a reflection of the realities of our lives.”

said Foote in a Recent Press Release

The EP contains five tracks! Three that have already been released and one featuring Travis Barker, Captain Cuts, and Home Alone!

“To me, this feels so real. It’s us, hearts sewn on our sleeves, seeing the world through (mostly) rose-tinted glasses. We’d be useless without love. Utterly useless.”

said Lov

We’re sure we will be just as in love with LOOTE’s new EP as LOOTE is with love itself! The tracklist includes the following songs, with all but one produced by Foote (*denotes it was produced by Jackson Foote)!

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  5. Somebody Else

Although LOOTE’s first headline tour across the US has been postponed like many others, they also played a #TogetherAtHome Instagram live last week!

Are you a LOOTE fan? What do you think of their newest single, ‘Somebody Else,’ let us know what you think in the comments below or send us a tweet over @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image: LOOTE via Instagram

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