QUIZ: Which Louis Tomlinson Are You Based Off Of Your Song Selections?

QUIZ: Which Louis Tomlinson Are You Based Off  Of Your Song Selections?

Louis Tomlinson is the king of our hearts and is no doubt one of pop music’s shining stars. After tying with Monsta X as a March Madness winner, April is all about honoring them and their music!

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Louis’ debut album Walls was released at the end of January, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. The masterful lyrics paired with Louis’ angelic voice really sets the album apart from other albums in the genre. We are beyond proud of Louis, his debut album, and how far he has come as an artist.

We’ve been thinking about how much Louis has grown throughout the years, and if you have ever wondered which Louis is your spirit animal, then look no further! From Video Diary Louis to Footballer Louis, we’ve got you covered. It’s time for you to take our quiz, choose your fave songs, and reveal the Louis that lives inside!

Which Louis Are You Based Off Your Song Selections?

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Louis Tomlinson is the king of our heart, and so we thought it'd be fun to create a quiz to tell fans which Louis they are.

Are you Footballer Louis? Prankster Louis? Or maybe even Video Diary Louis?

Take our quiz and find out!

Choose A Louis Single:

1. 'Back To You'
2. 'Just Like You'
3. 'Miss You'

Choose One Of These Songs:

1. 'Don't Let It Break Your Heart'
2. 'We Made It'
3. 'Kill My Mind'

Choose One Of These Songs:

1. 'Two Of Us'
2. 'Fearless'
3. 'Defenceless'

Choose One Of These Songs:

1. 'Habit'
2. 'Always You'
3. 'Too Young'

Choose One Of These Songs:

1. 'Only The Brave'
2. 'Perfect Now'
3. 'Walls'

All 5 questions completed!

Share results:

Which Louis Are You Based Off Your Song Selections?

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Louis Tomlinson
Image Source: tenor

Did you have fun taking the quiz? We know we did! We would love to know which Louis Tomlinson you got, Honey Poppers! Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Louis Tomlinson:

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Featured Image Source: Screenshot taken from the ‘Walls’ music video directed by Charlie Lightening via YouTube

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