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SayWeCanFly Have The Perfect Solution To Our ‘Anxxiety’

SayWeCanFly Have The Perfect Solution To Our ‘Anxxiety’

Canadian born Braden Barrie A.K.A SayWeCanFly started his music back in 2009. A former Warped Tour band, he’s got tons of EPs and singles under his belt. A soulful musician with captivating lyrics, he dabbles in screenplays as well. But we digress, this isn’t why we’re here. SayWeCanFly, new song and music video released just for you.


The song couldn’t have dropped at a better time. On top of that, there’s a music video to ensure your complete attention. Like a true artist, the video is awash in color and a flare known to SayWeCanFly. Described as being emotionally captivating ‘Anxxiety’ brings us comfort during our quarantine fears. This song perfectly reflects the anxieties of life, like a masked man sitting at the control board of our feelings while we’re up on stage performing. We are taking a backseat while still fighting so hard to get the job done. Anxiety is in all of us, big or small, we’ve all experienced it. Now more than ever, we’re feeling it, but music pulls us through.

With the music surging each time we hear the chorus, it’s like our heart swells with the lyrics.

"I never meant to hurt you
I just had a lot I had to go through
A lot of shit I probably should've told you
Like how beautiful you are and that I love you
Switching up the layout of my bedroom
So I don't have to wake up in the spot we used to
My anxiety isn't helping me forget you
But I guess I really don't want to
I guess I really don't want to"

It looks like we have something to look forward to. The countdown begins now! With his new partnership with We Are Triumphant/The Orchard, we are getting 12 songs throughout the year, this being the first.

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