The 1975 Showcase Their Ever-Evolving Versitilaity With New Single Featuring Phoebe Bridges

The 1975 Showcase Their Ever-Evolving Versitilaity With New Single Featuring Phoebe Bridges

The 1975 consistently delivers tunes that make us have all the feels, and they never seem to let us down. Nothing’s changed as The 1975 released the sixth single from their upcoming album. Notes On A Conditional Form due out May 22nd via Interscope.

‘Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America’ is a soft acoustic duet featuring folk-emo singer Phoebe Bridges. Not only does this single reinforce The 1975 being versatile as hell, but it also addresses relevant issues happening right before our eyes. This group has consistently experimented with different genres and political issues of our time. Making us love them for even more than Healy’s gorgeous head of hair.

The ballad is written from the perspective of male and female characters as they struggle with sexual identities, and the toll religion can have on them. Using massive amounts of irony, Matt Healy sets the tone in the opening of the song. Questioning themselves and contemplation of morality, you feel the pain and confusion of these characters come to life. Although Healy is an open atheist, he uses sarcasm in this song to present the ways in which faith can suppress natural sexuality.

Match Made In Vocal Heaven

This song without context is beautiful in itself, but the meaning behind the words brings the latest single to a whole new level of incredible. Plus, to really seal the deal of perfection, Phoebe Bridges’ voice is a perfect fit. Healy and Bridges are a match made in vocal heaven if there is one. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself below. Remember, this is the same band that gave us the super-angst-filled punk track ‘People’ and revisit just how versatile The 1975 is.

Did you tear up? We bet you did. You don’t have to admit it. We know. Let us know all your feelings about this one by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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