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The KPOP Hotspot: A Sneak Peak at the Latest Debuts and Comebacks for April 2020

The KPOP Hotspot: A Sneak Peak at the Latest Debuts and Comebacks for April 2020

Welcome back to the KPOP Hotspot! Let’s get down to business as we keep you up to date with all of the new music you can expect to hear from this April. Take a closer look, because you won’t want to miss out on this month’s comebacks and debuts from your favorite Korean artists!

Group Comebacks


Image source: Pledis Entertainment

‘Fallin’ Flower’ is a delicate and majestic track featured on Seventeen‘s second Japanese single. The group’s soft yet powerful vocals and rap accompanied by intricate choreography and stunning visuals will take your breath away. The single contains three tracks, including Japanese versions of ‘Good to Me’ and ‘Smile Flower.’

Dates for your diary: March 24: music video release | March 31: teaser video | April 1: single release | April 2: choreography video


Image source: @CIX_JP_Official

CIX has been keeping fans well fed after they shared their Japanese single ‘Revival’ back in March! The sweet and gentle ballad demonstrates the group’s duality and highlights the members’ skills in rapping and singing. Keep your eyes peeled for April 1 when the single album will be yours to listen to!

Dates for your diary: March 13: Revival M/V Teaser 1 | March 20: CIX – Revival M/V Teaser 2 | March 26: DVD trailer | March 31: The Making of #1 (Cover Art) | April 1: m/v and single release


Image source: RBW Entertanment

Make way for ONEWE! The five member group are returning this spring with a new digital single. 3/4 is the latest addition to their album project ‘ONE’. The title track will be ‘I Don’t Know’ (‘Q’) was written by fellow member Cya and featured none other than their fellow labelmate Hwasa from Mamamoo!

Dates for your diary: 3/23: concept photo | 3/24-25: solo concept photo | 3/26: special concept photo & preview | 3/27-28: solo MV teaser | 3/30: MV teaser | 4/1: recording making | 4/2-:3/4 release | May [TBD]- ‘One’ release


Image source: Cube Entertainment @G_I_DLE on Twitter

GIDLE are on their way!! This time they are coming back with a mini album that has two versions. You can choose between the black (true version) and the white (lie version) album or just get them both! Photocards, Posters, and other goods are included in the album. There are many fan theories that assume that the I Trust album will be more of a dark concept, so let’s see what G-IDLE has in store for us!

Dates for your diary: March 27: concept preview 1 | March 30: concept preview 2 | March 31: tracklist | April 1: concept image 1 | April 2: concept image 2 | April 3: audio snippet | April 6: m/v teaser m/v & online release | April 7: offline release


Image source: Stone Entertainment

Mark your calendars for April 7, because the rookies from cignature are about to snatch some wigs with their debut lead single B! Not much has been revealed about what to expect with the new release, but the teaser photos are definitely leaving us wanting more.

Dates for your diary: March 30: concept image 1 | March 31: concept image 2 | April 2: music video teaser | April 3: performance preview | April 4: Jacket behind story | April 6: music video | April 7: ‘ASSA’ release


Image source: YG Entertainment

Before the enlistment of WINNER member Kim Jinwoo, the group has planned to release their 3rd full album Remember. The album will have a black (US) and a white (YOU) version. While we are waiting for the album to drop, go ahead and listen to WINNER’s new pre-release single ‘Hold’!

Dates for your diary: 3/17: teaser image | 3/22: highlight teasre for pre-release single ‘Hold’ | 3/24: music video teaser for ‘Hold,’ | 3/26: pre-release single ‘Hold’ release | 4/1: tracklist | 4/2: concept video | 4/6: highlight medley | 4/9: album release


Image source: @UNVS_Official

A ‘Solar Eclipse’ is a pretty amazing astrological phenomenon where the moon casts a shadow on Earth. This theme is the title of UNVS’s brand new music video, which will be out on April 8, so don’t miss out!

Dates for your diary: April 1: concept poster | April 3: concept photo #1 | April 3: concept photo #2 -5 | April 8: music video release


Image source: Play M Entertainment @Apink_2011 on Twitter

Did someone order new Apink music? Well Look who’s coming your way this April 13! The members will be releasing a brand new EP a week before their ninth anniversary as a group, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

Dates for your diary: April 2-3: image teaser | April 6: tracklist and pre-order | April 7-9: image teaser and motion teaser | April 10: highlight medley | April 12: m/v teaser | April 13: m/v teaser, album & m/v release


Image source: Nextlevel Entertainment @_girlkind on Twitter

Finally, after almost two years, our wish has been granted, and Girlkind is back to stun us all with their third single ‘Future.’ Sadly SunJ will not be promoting with the group due to shifting her focus to her studies, but we are so hyped to support the rest of the members!

Dates for your diary: March 30: image teaser 1 | April 1: image teaser 2 | April 3: image teaser 3 | April 5: image teaser 5 | April 10: mv teaser | April 14: m/v and 3rd digital single release

Monsta X

Image source: Mercury Tokyo Staff (@MercuryTokyo_UM on Twitter)

Are you looking for a super sweet ballad? Well, here’s it for you. Monsta X seems to be set to release their first full ballad title track on a Japanese Album. ‘Wish On The Same Sky’ seems to incorporate a dreamy melody with a sweet instrumental that will warm you up this spring. To be released on April 15th, the album has different versions – one of them exclusive for fan club members. ‘Wish On The Same Sky’ is a single with two songs, the title track with the same title and Japanese version of their song ‘Follow.’ This is Monsta X’s 7th single, and the group has been counting with a growing audience in Japan, always on top of the charts upon releases. The song already has a preview teaser, and the concept is totally unique for what we are used to Monsta X. A softer image, with lots of light and surely promising love. We just can’t wait to see and listen to it!

Dates for your diary: March 31st: MV release | April 15th: Single Release


Image source: JYP Entertainment @GOT7Official on Twitter

Bambam has been hinting at spoilers for Got7’s comeback, and if you haven’t been observing carefully, you might have missed it! He was the only member of the group to Dye his hair white, which turns out is the name of Got7’s upcoming album! The title track will be ‘Not By The Moon,’ and the music video will be released on April 20 on the same day as the album.

Dates for your diary: April 20: album release

Group Debuts


Image source: on Instagram

If you’re a fan of SPICA, we’ve got fantastic news for you! Members Kim Bohyung and Kim BoA are teaming up once again as a duo named KEEMBO (which is a combination of their last name, Kim, and the first syllable of their first names). Our hearts are crying because this is the reunion we’ve been waiting for since 2017. Stay tuned for their upcoming music!

Dates for your diary: TBC

TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra)

Image source: N.CH Entertainment @too_offcl on Twitter

This group is world-class! TOO makes waves with debut mv, Magnolia. They are set to debut officially with Reason For Being: 仁 on April 1, at noon KST. They are also competing in Mnet’s Road to Kingdom, starting April 30.

Dates for your diary: 04/01 Reason For Being: 仁 release at noon KST |special vlive broadcast “TOO의 仁싸탐구” 7 PM KST | 04/02 TOO DAY debut showcase on Mnet


Image source: Play M Entertainment @band_bandage on Twitter

The new band Bandage has just made its official album debut, and they’re starting from ‘Square One’ with a huge bang. The music video for their title track ‘Invisibles’ was released on April 3 along with their new album, so stay tuned because this is just the beginning of the band’s career.

Dates for your diary: image teaser: March 31st | spoiler video: April 1st | MV teaser: April 2nd | April 3: album release


Image source: Starship Entertainment @CRAVITYstarship on Twitter

Enter the League of The Universe with Cravity! This Starship group is the first boy group to debut since seniors, Monsta X. The 9-member group will be taking the stage with their debut album, Hideout: Remember Who We Are.

Dates for your diary: 4/01-03 Concept photos version 1| 4/04-06 Concept photos version 2 | 4/07-09 Concept photos version 3 | 4/10 Group concept photo | 4/11 mv teaser | 4/13 album preview | 04/14 debut/album release

H & D

Image source: MBK Entertainment

Calling all X1 stans! Former members Nam Do Hyun and Lee Han Gyul have joined forces to debut as the duo H&D. Their official debut mini-album was originally set to be released on March 26 but was postponed until April 21. They have a pre-released single titled ‘Unfamiliar’ which became available on March 30. Stay tuned for more details!

Dates for your diary: March 30: pre-release track ‘Unfamiliar’ release | April 21: album release

Solo Debuts

EXO’s Suho

Image source: SM Entertainment @weareoneEXO on Twitter

EXO-L’s have been experiencing a drought since Obsession dropped back in November, and SM has finally decided to quench our thirst by giving our leader Suho a solo album! Self-Portrait is Suho’s debut mini-album with an aesthetic inspired by the work of renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh, accompanied by six self-written tracks. This project will allow fans to see a different and more in-depth look into who Suho is as an artist outside of EXO, and is most certainly his most personal masterpiece yet.

Dates for your diary: 3/18: mood sampler Archive #1 | 3/19: teaser image a\Archive #2: 3/20: mood sampler Archive #2 | 3/1: teaser image Archive #2 | 3/23: mood sampler Archive #3 |3/24: teaser image Archive #3 | 3/25: mood sampler Archive 3#4 | 3/26: teaser image Archive #4 | 3/27: highlight medley | 3/28: ‘Let’s Love’ m/v teaser #1 | 3/29: m/v teaser #2 | 3/30: m/v and album release

See Also


Image source: ZB Label @AleXa_ZB on Twitter

AleXa has just made a smashing debut with her first EP. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Do or Die is finally here! It includes eight songs and is a compilation of all the music she has publically released since October 2019.

Dates for your diary: 2/27: project 01 teaser | 2/28: photo teaser | 2/29: dimension | 3/2: poster teaser | 3/3: performance teaser | 3/4: drama teaser | 3/6: m/v teaser and release |4/1: album release


Image source: SM Entertainment @TVXQ on Twitter

Changmin has shined brightly as a member of TVXQ and now gets to shine as a soloist. The wait is finally over, and soon fans will be able to jam along to Changmin’s solo work of art, his first mini-album, Chocolate. There will be six tracks covering a diverse range of genres and will include a title track with the same name as the album. This will be his historic first and official Korean solo debut.

Dates for your diary: 3/31: teaser image #1, mood sampler #1 | 4/1: teaser image #2, mood sampler #2 | 4/2: teaser image #3, mood sampler #3 | 4/3: teaser image #4, mood sapmler #4 | 4/4: teaser image #5, mood sampler #5, mv teaser #1 | 4/5: track list, mv teaser #2 | 4/6: album release and mv release

Solo Comebacks

Ji Jin Seok

Image Source: Black Y Music @by_jinseok on Instagram

It’s been almost an entire year since Ji Jin Seok shared his debut single with the world. Now he’s back and better than ever with a brand new mini-album titled Half/Half. So far, he has only released the music video for ‘Here,’ which is a beautiful ballad filled from beginning to end with his powerful vocals. We cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

Dates for your diary: 3/23: trailer filmf 1 | 3/25: trailer film 2 | 3/26: teaser opening | 3/27 release | 3/28: music video opens | 3/31: title teaser opens | 4/1: album release

Hong Jinyoung

Image Source: IMH Entertainment @sambahong on Instagram

It’s been about one year since Jinyoung’s last released music, and we know fans have been anticipating something new and fresh! Have no fear because she will be releasing a new single album titled Birth Flower at the beginning of the month! Her music video for ‘Love is like a petal’ will be out on April 1!

Dates for your diary:
April 1: music video and album release

Kwon Jin Ah

Image source: 1theK on YouTube

If ballads are more up to your speed, then Kwon Jin Ah has the perfect one for you. ‘Something’s Wrong’ just dropped, and the beautifully filmed music video will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Dates for your diary: April 1: music video release

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Which comeback or debut are you most looking forward to this month? Let us know in the comments down below or tweet us as @TheHoneyPop!

Featured image source: // Authors: Destiny Drumgold, Carly Ho, Rita Louren, & Isabell Sichwardt

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