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Fresh Music Friday: Liam Payne,TØP, Selena Gomez & More!

Fresh Music Friday: Liam Payne,TØP, Selena Gomez & More!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday, where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on the week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to, as well as discovering some new music, which will have you falling in love with Friday. 

Midnight — Alesso ft Liam Payne

Creativity is key during this Quarantine 2020. Alesso & Liam Payne give us just that in the new music video for their song ‘Midnight.’ The lyrics are such a pick me up in this hard time, “When I feel like nothing’s gonna hold me down, hold me down you do, used to be scared of falling till you came around.” The video has social distancing at its core, with the image flipping back and forth between Alesso in a studio in Los Angeles and Liam in London, both in the studio and in beautiful outdoor scenery. Don’t miss the sweet message at the beginning!

Listen to the single here.

Forever — Charli XCX

‘Forever’ by Charli XCX dropped a day ago, and we’re addicted. The distorted and robotic vocals are light and almost twinkly. Just like dreams and thoughts of forever, the song is sweet and innocent with the sentiment to love someone forever, through everything and always being there. Cherishing those memories and understanding the need for growth away from one another. Dig deep and find the depth of your love with Charli XCX in ‘Forever.’

Listen to the single here.

Dove Cameron — ‘Remember Me’

Dove Cameron is taking on the music world with a passion, and she just dropped a new track called ‘Remember Me’ featuring BIA, a strong female rapper, and we love the girl power! The lyrics in the song say “please remember me like this, beautiful and delicate,” we can also describe Dove’s voice with the same words. Her wispy, dreamy vocals give the song a dream-like feel, as she reminisces on her relationship and all the cute little moments that she wants her partner to remember. The song itself is pop-rock with a little bit of rap thanks to BIA, and we love it with all our hearts. From the storytelling lyrics to the music, it’s so natural and perfect, and we won’t forget this song any time soon, as we’ll be adding it to all our playlists.

Listen to the single here.

Mamacita — Black Eyed Peas ft Ozuna & J Rey Soul

A new hot and spicy song is hitting the airwaves. ‘Mamacita’ by Black Eyed Peas ft Ozuna and J Rey Soul is a hot mix of English and Spanish. The three artists are surrounded by incredible dancing while spitting some steamy lyrics. The music video is amazing and alive with vibrant colors. We can definitely see this being the next TikTok craze, so get in there early and learn some new moves.

Listen to the single here.

My Friend — Hayley Williams

‘My Friend’ is the sweetest new song by Paramore’s Hayley Williams. The new lyric video centers on the relationship between her and her stylist. The lyrics run along the bottom like subtitles in a movie scene. It’s a new take on being there for someone through thick and thin. The song and lyric video depict a sweet and wonderful friendship that has withstood the tests of time. One day you’ll suddenly look up and realize how much time has gone by, but the real ones will be right there as a testament to you.

Listen to the single here.

Yell Oh — Trippie Redd ft Young Thug

‘Yell Oh’ is creative and creepy. Trippie Redd ft. Young Thug brings to life a whole new world where nightmarish and hellish things come to life. A real-life rendition of drug use and their effects. Done in cool claymation style, we can’t help but admire the creativity. With all that plus a sick beat, you know these two are bringing it. Do yourself a favor and check out ‘Yell Oh’ by Trippie Redd ft Young Thug.

Listen to the single here.

Level Of Concern — Twenty One Pilots

TØP delivered with their new song, or should we say new hit song, ‘Level Of Concern.’ It’s their first new music in nearly two years, and Clikkies are loving it. You can easily tell this song was written about quarantine, it even has the lyric “wondering would you be my little quarantine.” Their fans have been so excited to hear the song, and Twenty One Pilots did not disappoint. The song is so addicting it’s stuck in our heads! With sweet lyrics and vocals filled with a little bit of concern, the song gives us some hope during this tough time. The video shows quarantining at its finest and stars their families, with Tyler’s wife Jenna and their baby Ro, and Josh’s fiance Debby Ryan. Overall, the song is something we needed at a time like this, and the video just made this whole quarantine worthwhile!

Listen to the single here

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Rare(Deluxe) — Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez already wowed fans with the original release of Rare in January, and now she’s dropped the deluxe version, with three bonus tracks ‘Boyfriend,’ ‘Souvenir,’ and ‘She.’ She has given us the perfect bop-filled easter gift! Her smooth, chilling vocals (especially in ‘Souvenir’) along with the music and it’s mid-tempo beat keep us dancing. She also released a video for Boyfriend, keeping us fans fed. In the video, she keeps her strong self-loving vibe, letting us know she doesn’t need a boyfriend, but she wants one. In ‘She,’ it’s again a song about self-love and everything she wants to say to herself, that although she made some bad decisions with good intentions, she’s worth so much. All three songs are bops, full of self-love and acceptance, as well as songs we can all dance to!

Listen to the album right here.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Fresh Music Friday! May you all stay safe, stay home, and protect yourselves during this tough time. These songs are sure to bring some sunshine to our cloudy days.

Which songs from this week’s Fresh Music Friday are on your playlist? Let us know what you’re jamming to down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Words: Kat Voss, Dakota Ash, Brooke Gray, Jazmin Williams

Featured Image Source: Jason Hetherington| Ashley Osborn | TØP via Youtube

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