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We’re ‘Breaking The Mirror’ with Fit For A King

We’re ‘Breaking The Mirror’ with Fit For A King

An American metalcore band from Tyler, Texas Fit For A King drops a new song. ‘Breaking The Mirror’ released in March with the lyric video dropping March 20th. Originally planning their first full US tour but only getting through 5 tours before the shutdown they’re rearing to be your next playlist choice. Or maybe on the next clothes item in your wardrobe?

‘Breaking The Mirror’

The lyrics video starts with grainy footage of a statue of justice and other Greek looking statues. It’s a powerful song, not bowing to anything. The music is the same with power guitars shredding the opening. The guitar seems to slide and shred throughout the whole piece. It truly kicks ass. We love the lyrics too.

"I'm letting go of my failures, erasing the anchor
The demons behind my eyes
I'm letting go of the past now, done fighting my way out
I'm breaking the mirror down"

The mirror is the person looking back at you. It’s easy to just blame yourself and bottle up all that hate and rage. Fit For A King encourages us to let loose. Let’s have a little screaming match and shred an air guitar in the backyard. This song rings true to the bands “do it yourself” and “by the bootstrap attitude”. No blame is placed anywhere just a raw scream to push onward.

The merch is pretty sweet. Since artists can’t tour money has been hard. Everyone is doing their part to support the artists we love. If you want to get your hands on this sweet long-sleeve, we recommend you hurry, and maybe check out the other merch while you’re at it.

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Fit For A King

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