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Wonho Is Back And Fans Are Incredible!

Wonho Is Back And Fans Are Incredible!

On April 10th, Highline Entertainment released an official Press Release confirming they have signed out an exclusive contract with former Monsta X member Wonho. And while in the midst of it, Monbebe never stopped supporting all seven artists, showing that true love prevails no matter what.

Official Statement

Source: Highline Entertainment

It’s officially confirmed that Wonho will proceed with a solo career and as a producer on Highline Entertainment. The company revealed that the signed contract was exclusive, and they commit to support the singer in his new career fully. But this is not all to it. The press release is accompanied by Wonho’s own honest words in a reflection of his past actions. Monbebe and other Wonho fans didn’t take any time to express their mixed feelings about the situation. It is, indeed, a bittersweet sensation. Every quarter of a second, we are flooded with new emotions and different perspectives on what is happening.

We can’t stop being happy that Wonho has a new opportunity to do what he loves the most. But at the same time, it feels profoundly bitter when this closes a chance of seeing Monsta X as full seven members again. If all hope is not? It surely is not because History has a twisted way to prove humanity wrong every time.

“I deeply regret my foolish and rash behavior in the past” (…) “I’m really grateful to the fans who have been giving me this opportunity and I will do my best to repay their support.”


And while we are at it, we can’t stop thinking how Wonho is not really leaving home. Highline Entertainment is admittedly Starship Entertainment’s Hip Hop subsidiary company. The director of the label is also a former marketing manager for Starship Entertainment in the past and is reported to have already worked with Monsta X themselves.

Unconditional Support

At the end of the day, though, we can only hope that this is what is making Wonho the happiest. And the attitude Monbebe revealed in regards to this is truly admirable. There’s a common ground of support, of comprehension, and the fandom commonly understands that there’s no need for more pressure. Ultimately the decision may not have been entirely Wonho’s alone, but we do understand that he needs more support and love than tension and rage. And for a whole fandom to instantly comprehend this perspective is really heartwarming.

No matter what happens, each member of Monsta X – officially or not – will have Monbebe unconditional love and support.

New SNS, new face, new beginning

Source: Wonho Official Fancafe / Highline Entertainment

Right after the release of the statement, Highline also released Wonho’s official and brand new SNS accounts. The changes have brought to both company’s and Wonho’s profiles so much traffic that the growth was exponential. Instagram even took down Wonho’s new profile for a few minutes – mistaking the sudden tsunami of follows for bots and cheats. The singer and producer also count on his own individual fancafe platform, where he already posted a sweet message directly to his fans.

Check some of Monbebe amazing reactions below!

What about you? How are you feeling in regards to Wonho coming back? Don’t forget that it’s ok if you feel overwhelmed and need some time. Take care of yourself because not everyone is bound to have the same reaction. But if you wish to share with us, your feelings do not hesitate to reach out in the comments below or through @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Highline Entertainment

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  • Thank you very much always for the support and your wonderful articles. Monbebe will continue to love working and fighting for our 7 heroes on every path they take, dreaming the day of being able to see them together as MX, as it should always have been

  • i am super excited that he is back. i did cry reading it was as a solo artist BUT…i know he i will do great! He is still close to his 6 brothers …which im sure they will have his back! i cant wait to see what kind of music he will put out! im super proud of Wonho for keeping his head up!

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