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8 Uplifting Songs To Listen To During Quarantine

8 Uplifting Songs To Listen To During Quarantine


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been feeling down in the dumps due to COVID-19. If so, then look no further! We have come together at The Honey Pop to share 8 uplifting songs to listen to during quarantine.

Maybe you already enjoy some of these, but you may discover an artist or song you’ve never heard before and come to love them as much as we do!

1. Love On Top – Beyoncé

The catchy beat and positive lyrics of this classic Beyoncé track have us dancing around our kitchen singing into a wooden spoon. Queen B always knows how to create a banger for everyone to enjoy and this is it. ‘Love On Top’ was released on September 11th, 2011 despite its age it still absolutely bangs and gives us those feel-good vibes we need at the moment!

2. We Are Family – Sister Sledge 

If your family is feeling sad about being separated during self-isolation, this is the song to bring you all together. This uplifting track ‘We Are Family is by the American pop group, Sister Sledge. It was released in 1979 and is their most iconic song. If you’re looking for a song to listen to during your quarantine themed dinner with the people in your household, then this is the right song for you!

3. Level Of Concern – Twenty One Pilots

This brand new track ‘Level Of Concern’ by the American musical duo, Twenty One Pilots, has got us shook. It was released on April 9th with short notice. Safe to say we were not expecting it. The catchy chorus and synth-pop sound has got us singing it from the rooftops. It explains our current situation perfectly, and the happy sounding tune gives us hope. The writing is sentimental and it has certain wholesomeness to it. A favorite of ours for sure!

4. Be Myself- Tom Walker

This indie-rock track ‘Be Myself’ from British singer-songwriter Tom Walker has us feeling full of power and ready to take on this quarantine. The guitar solos in this track give us life, and Tom’s artfully distressed voice gives us good vibes. ‘Be Myself’ is the perfect quarantine shower banger. Feel free to sing this at the top of your lungs with your grade A bathroom acoustics. You’ll be sure to have a quality shower concert with this feel-good tune!

5. Rise Up – Andra Day

This powerful female ballad ‘Rise Up’ by American singer-songwriter, Andra Day, has us feeling some type of way. Let this song give you the strength to rise past these hard times and give you the strength to power through. Share it with your family and friends because we’re sure that they need the motivation as well. We love this track, and we hope you all do too. Keep rising up!

6. High Hopes – Panic! At The Disco

This upbeat high energy track ‘High Hopes’ by the infamous Panic! At The Disco has us bopping around our house. The trumpets mixed with the angelic voice of Mr. Brendon Urie make us feel all warm and happy inside. If you’re looking for a song to scream at the top of your lungs around your house, you’ve come to the right place. We feel that this tune is scream-worthy!

7. Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Our next song is the positive, uplifting track ‘Let’s dance’ by the late David Bowie, and it has us beaming with joy. This song is all about dancing with a lover, so if you’ve got that special someone with you or even if you have to call them on Facetime, we urge you to dance with them to this classic track. The funky bass line and drum beat have our feet tapping and our arms grooving.

8. Girl I Met On The Internet – GIRLI 

Our last song in this list is this groovy, 80’s 8-bit video game vibe banger ‘Girl I Met On The Internet’ by British singer, GIRLI. Her British voice paired with the upbeat claps in the background gave us the feeling of sitting in your room at 3 am with your LED light on, just vibing alone. It’s a fun song that most of us can relate to. It is one you should be listening to during quarantine. Or if you’re a key worker: on your way to work!

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Which ones in this list are your favorites? Be sure to check out all the artists and songs we mentioned because they’re all great!

What are your favorite uplifting quarantine songs? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment below, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook.

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