Get Ready To Binge The Best Music Specials On Day Two Of Couchella

Get Ready To Binge The Best Music Specials On Day Two Of Couchella

Happy Saturday and Day Two of Couchella! You made it!

Hopefully, you had fun listening to that amazing day one lineup. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us using #CouchellaTHP. While the official pop day might be over, that won’t stop us from continuing to celebrate pop music!

A lot happens when an artist or band decides to make an album. It could take months to years for an album to hit the shelves and it could take anywhere from minutes to days for a song to get written. Truthfully, there’s a lot most of us don’t know when it comes to making music. That’s why we’ve decided that day two of Couchella is going to focus on music specials and documentaries!

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Headlining day two of Couchella is none other than Coachella’s brand new documentary 20 Years in the Desert. The film will be streaming on Youtube and aims to give fans a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of planning one of the biggest festivals ever! Check out the sneak peek below:

After you’ve watched that and marveled about how iconic Coachella is, we highly recommend taking a look at some of our favorite artist and band documentaries!

You can never go wrong watching One Direction‘s This Is Us film. We’re sure you’ve seen it a million times but if you haven’t then you’re in for a real treat. The film mixes live footage with the behind the scenes footage of what it’s like to be One Direction. You can find it on Amazon Prime Video! But first here’s a look at the trailer:

If One Direction’s not really you’re style (you’re opinion is wrong) then we suggest you check out All Time Low’s documentary It’s Still Nothing Personal. The documentary was released in 2019 and follows All Time Low as they rerecord the Nothing Personal album for its 10th anniversary. You can watch the entire film free on Youtube or you can watch it right here:

Those are just three of our favorites but the lineup is packed full of amazing music specials and documentaries. Not sure where to find them all? You better keep reading then!

On Amazon Prime Video…

Chasing Happiness – Jonas Brothers

Part of Me – Katy Perry

This is Us – One Direction

On Hulu…

Believe – Justin Bieber

On Netflix…

Homecoming – Beyonce

Miss Americana – Taylor Swift

On Youtube…

20 Years in the Desert – Coachella

Burn The Stage – BTS

It’s Still Nothing Personal – All Time Low

Simply Complicated – Demi Lovato


How Did We End Up Here – 5 Seconds of Summer

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: The Best of Both Worlds – Miley Cyrus


Songwriter – Ed Sheeran

What are you waiting for? Get to watching!

Make sure you let us know what you’re watching and how you’re celebrating Day Two of Couchella by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop using the hashtag #CouchellaTHP. And remember to check in tomorrow for our day three festivities!

Want more Couchella posts? We’ve got you!

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