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We’re Diving Into Gorillaz Song Machine With Code Name ‘Aries’

We’re Diving Into Gorillaz Song Machine With Code Name ‘Aries’

This song has been described as a wonderful testament to the willful wonder that is humanity. We know Gorillaz, this is episode 3 of their Song Machine adventure. ‘Aries’ has some cool guests coming to play. You snooze you lose so let’s just jump right into it.


Welcome back to the Song Machine and thank you for choosing us, The Honey Pop, as your guide. Today we are looking at episode 3 ‘Aries’. For episode 3 we have special guests Peter Hook and Georgia. Peter Hook takes over bass for this one. He’s English and is known for his work in bands Joy Division and New Order. Georgia is also English and a bang-up drummer. She’s worked with bands such as Kwes and Kate Tempest. With this all-star lineup, you know this song is going to be groovy and rhythm-heavy.

"I'm looking out at a volcano
Trying to read the world today and see where you're at
I'll never do that
I'm a model that is uncomplicated
You can play a happy tune on me, but don't turn me off
'Cause then I am silenced"

The mythological God Ares is known for having a fiery temper and conquer the battlefield. Straightforward energy that’s synonyms with the astrological sign and the God. This song lyrically fits beautifully.

The music video itself is heavily stylistic, taking us on a wild motorcycle ride through a town that’s zapped of color. Thankfully the gang finally picks up poor Murdoc who seems to have a syringe of what we hope is only truth serum. We get a nice little message telling us to stay inside and wash our hands. What wonderful lads! ‘Aries’ is pretty amazing with trippy stylistic choices as per the usual. True to the astrological sign ‘Aries’ is here with fighting spirit.

Let us know the reasons why you think Gorillaz rocks by tweeting us  @thehoneypop or comments down below! If you need to read more Gorillaz content we got you covered. The ride isn’t over yet, so catch up on episodes 1 and 2 if you haven’t. We’ll bring you more as we know more.


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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Genius & Song Machine Wiki

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