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We’ve Got ‘No Shame’ In Our 5SOS Stanning Game

We’ve Got ‘No Shame’ In Our 5SOS Stanning Game

The boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer always seem to linger in our heads and hearts, and with the release of their new album CALM, we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into the 5SOS rabbit hole.

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We aren’t the only ones who fell in love with the album! It debuted at No.2 on the Billboard 200 just 5000 short of the No.1 spot. A clerical shipping error that saw 11,000 CD sales appear in the chart one week early caused an “early debut” the week before the album actually released.

Nonetheless, with over 133,000 units sold, they topped the charts in the UK and Australia (and the US in our minds!) Regardless of the album’s chart rankings, 5SOS will always be No.1 in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Image Source: Tenor
CALM consists of 12 tracks, each as equally amazing as the one before:

1. ‘Red Desert’
2. ‘No Shame’
3. ‘Old Me’
4. ‘Easier’
5. ‘Teeth’
6. ‘Wildflower’
7. ‘Best Years’
8. ‘Not In The Same Way’
9. ‘Lover Of Mine’
10. ‘Thin White Lies’
11. ‘Lonely Heart’
12. ‘High’

Bassist Calum Hood had this to say about the album, “These new songs feel like something we could keep playing for the next ten years, or even beyond that. It feels like our first album — like we finally found what we’d been trying to achieve since the beginning of this band.” We couldn’t agree more because we know at least the 5SOSFam will have these songs on repeat for the rest of their lives.

Image Source: Tenor

Congratulations to the 5SOS boys on yet another incredible No.1 album! If you still haven’t streamed it- we’re not sure why you haven’t- it’s available on all streaming platforms

Which song off of CALM is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Andy DeLuca via 5sos Twitter

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