Louis the Child Reminds Us of the Importance of the ‘Little Things’

Louis the Child Reminds Us of the Importance of the ‘Little Things’

Louis the Child has just released their new single ‘Little Things’ featuring Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler! This upbeat track will definitely have you jamming out for days. Check out the lyric video here:

The song serves as a reminder to savor our youth. Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler take turns reminiscing on their past adventures. With stand out lyrics telling us “Every single second is golden. Hold on to the moment,” the entire group gets us in our feels while still making us feel on top of the world. ‘Little Things’ is fun, cheery, and deep all at the same time. We have to say, we’re impressed.

Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, the two Louis the Child DJs, had been working on ‘Little Things’ for a year before finishing up their collaboration with vocals from Chelsea and Quinn. Jon Bellion, known for hits like ‘All Time Low’ originally wrote the song. The DJ duo finished the song with Bellion, and decided to bring Chelsea and Quinn onto the project because of all the amazing memories they had with the two artists! Given the current state of the world, Robby and Freddy think the song has come out at the perfect time.

Although this song was started years ago, it feels like it couldn’t be coming out at a better time. As our daily lifestyles adapt to the current state of the world, it seems to be the little things that mean the most right now. Things that we may take for granted in our normal lives seem so important and impactful now.

Louis the Child

Tour Dates

If you want to hear more Louis the Child, check out their website for updates on their tour! They are projected right now to hit the road and start performing in Austin, Texas starting July 21. Tour dates continue on until October 16, hitting states from Washington to Florida. Make sure you check out the tour dates here to see when you can see ‘Little Things’ live.

What do you think of ‘Little Things’ so far? Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter at @TheHoneyPop!

Learn More About Louis the Child:

Featured image source: Interscope Records @Cameron Postforoosh

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This songs literally sounds like a Jon Bellion songs but with different voices lmao

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