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Atavist: Bringing About a Personal Revolution In A 2020 Revival

Atavist: Bringing About a Personal Revolution In A 2020 Revival

Newly reformed in 2017 after a 10-year hiatus, Atavist is kicking it to a full 10 in this year of 2020. Not only did they announce a full album back in March, but they also released a hot new single. ‘Self-Realisation’ is the perfect hello new me. This British doom collective has a lot of catching up to do on their media presence, but we promise the music is worth the chase.


The song is pretty intense, a whole 9+ minutes long. It’s a slow sonic experience to start, perfect for a pre-workout hype up. Do you know that moment when you’re about to get going? Yeah, we’re talking that adrenaline rush. The moment you know something big and transcendental is about to occur. It’s a journey one must take on their own to understand. It’s the moment when you realize that this band may have been away a long time, but they haven’t been twiddling their thumbs. A lion has awoken, and this is the King of the Jungle’s awakening.

This is the third song on their album, and while the album may only be made up of 4 songs, they’re all meaty and mean business. The album’s complete run time is 58 minutes and 5 seconds. Featuring Winterfylleth guitarist and vocalist, C. Naughton, along with bassist S. Ryan, drummer C. Cox and vocalist T. Bradshaw they come together once more to bring to you.

III: Absolution

1. ‘Loss’
2. ‘Struggle’
3. ‘Self-Realisation’
4. ‘Absolution’

(Running Time 58:05 mins)

Find out where you can get ‘Self-Realisation’ and more right here.

Annndddd that’s a wrap folks. Need more metal in your life? We have this sweet thing called Metal Mondays. Also, we put out full-on music articles just like this one for many artists of all genres. You got boredom? We got content.

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