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Casanova’s MGK & YUNGBLUD Cover ‘Champange Supernova’

Casanova’s MGK & YUNGBLUD Cover ‘Champange Supernova’

We’ve been more than open about how much we fancy Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD- but we couldn’t help but say it a little more, especially with a cover like this. The pair teamed up to give us their own rendition of Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova,’ and we think it’s truly magical.

Joining forces these two trendsetters create a lovely little version of the 1995 single. Taking turns breaking up the melodies Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD put a sweet little spin on a legendary Brit single. Reminding the world how important it is to be at home during this pandemic – the video shows MGK and YUNGBLUD set up in their respective bathrooms while staying at home.

The cover lets both artists showcase their voices in a new and incredibly pleasing way. Honestly, it’s surprisingly good. Not that we think it wouldn’t be – but to have both of these guys show us a different side of their artistry was just what we needed. Who knew that the two of them had such angelic vocals?! We are in awe.

MGK & YUNGBLUD: Our Honey Pop Heartthrobs

We’re thankful that during this quarantine that both MGK & YUNGBLUD have kept busy and kept us entertained. Machine Gun Kelly has unloaded a solid amount of covers for us to swoon over (KEEP EM’ COMIN’) while Yungblood has taken to Livestream to perform a live show.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of these two Honey Pop Heartthrobs, don’t you worry- we’ve got you covered! To fill your YUNGBLUD void, you can read more about him here or catch him on his YUNGBLUD Show, where he’s featured some killer artist. As for MGK, you know he’s gearing up for his debut pop-punk album release Tickets To My Downfall. Although, for you extra impatient fans (we know you’re out there), Machine Gun Kelly has put together a playlist. Containing some absolute pop-punk anthems with some wildcards thrown in, it’s just what we didn’t know we needed.

Not to mention, we’ve loved how active our boy has been on social media, providing us with a plethora of guitar jam sessions featured on his instagram.

To learn more about YUNGBLUD:

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To learn more about Machine Gun Kelly:

What do you think of the cover? What should they cover next? Let us hear your thoughts by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

Featured Image Source: Courtesy Interscope Records

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