(G)-IDLE Debuts In The US With I TRUST!

(G)-IDLE Debuts In The US With I TRUST!

The new EP album by (G)-Idle, ‘I Trust’ was released recently and it marked another milestone for the group with marking their official US debut. The group decided to team up with the American record label Republic Records! Congrats!

Now this album is something that everyone has to give a listen to! It definitely does not disappoint fans of G-IDLE and will surely draw new fans in! This album radiates the group’s confidence as it it is also inspired by a theme of self-assurance!

With this album, the group want to send the message across that they trust themself, hence the title I Trust (=I Trust Myself). We think that this is such an empowering message and definitely makes this record the perfect thing to listen to whenever you need a confidence boost!

Fans seem to think so as well, because the album debuted at #1 on the iTunes K-Pop Albums Chart and its title track ‘Oh My God’ debuted at #1 on the US iTunes K-Pop Songs Chart!

Speaking of the title track, you should definitely give it a listen! Is is an intense song with a strong beat!


The B-side tracks of I Trust are definitely worth checking out as well! Our favorite would be Lion, even though it is not a brand new song but a pre-released song that was added to this record. It’s still fire! Definitely check it out, the lyrics definitely fit into the theme of self-confidence that this album has!

As a gift to the international fans, (G)-Idle have also put an all English version of the title song ‘Oh My God’ onto the album.

Neverlands, did you decide purchase the physical album ‘I Trust’? If so, did you choose the black or white version? Tell us over at @thehoneypop!

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Featured image source: GIDLE’s official Instagram

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