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Go On a Psychedelic Journey with 5SOS’s Wildflower Video

Go On a Psychedelic Journey with 5SOS’s Wildflower Video


As if 5SOS haven’t blessed us enough, they just dropped the music video for their newest single,’ Wildflower‘, today and we’ve already watched it over 20 times. Colorful, humorous, full of Calum Hood close-ups, honestly we couldn’t have asked for more. 

The band’s creativity always shines bright and they pulled through again to add some color in this dark time. Directed and edited by the their long time photographer and videographer, Andy Deluca and co-directed by Sarah Eiseman this psychedelic video is the perfect mixture of adding an old look to new technology and coming out with an awesome end project. 

Created entirely at home with a green screen as the background, 5 Seconds of Summer will have you feeling like you just ate one of the cute little mushrooms that grew out of Michael Clifford‘s hand after you’re taken on this fun little journey.

“Our original plan for the Wildflower music video consisted of a big budget, a full crew, and a giant studio. But it was cancelled due to coronavirus and we were forced to make something under the challenging conditions of quarantine. Michael had a green screen sitting in his closet, so I figured that could be enough to make something. Since the song has a pretty distinct 80s/90s tone, I came up with the idea of making an 80’s/90’s MTV-style music video. A ‘music-video-themed music video’. The stuff I grew up on and loved. “

Andy Deluca in a Recent Press Release

The process to create this video has been different than many of us have seen due to the shelter in place orders we’re under. But the band made do with what they had to get something to their fans, and boy are we grateful because it turned into a masterpiece! 

“We passed around the disinfected green screen (with the help of our teammate Kat Gallagher), and everyone filmed their parts at home with an iPhone and later sent the footage over to me. In the meantime, Sarah Eiseman and I began working on the art for the video. We quickly learned animation and drew up several blooming flowers, and also created the trippy colored backgrounds using milk and food dye… It definitely has pushed us to create something we normally wouldn’t, using only our brains and our hands.”

Andy Deluca in a Recent Press Release

Starting with the band’s floating heads on a black screen, reminiscent of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody video, you can see and hear the Queen influence right from the jump. The following sequence of video footage will have you replaying the video over and over to catch every brightly colored detail on the many moving backgrounds. Some of those scense include the band in a field of wildflowers of course, them playing their instruments in the clouds and lots of growing flowers! Heavy on animation, the dream-like quality of the video makes the song even more fun, which we didn’t even know was possible and the band made sure to even include them messing around on the green screen itself!

Don’t forget that 5SOS are certified comedians (to us at least) so it only makes sense that the goofy side of their personality was also shown throughout the visuals. Ashton Irwin jamming out to the beat made our day and the cameo of Luke Hemmings‘ dog Petunia was the icing on the cake. The boys trying to virtually dap each other up, Michael knocking down the green screen and Calum just vibing the 5SOSFam couldn’t have asked for a better video, and it definitely gives off the vibes the band was going for!

“Wildflower was the wildcard of the album. A song that has opened new avenues for this band to explore. Most importantly it just feels good to listen to and disconnect for a minute. We really feel this video reflects that too…” –Calum Hood

Calum Hood in a Recent Press Release

We’re so glad 5SOS decided to release a video for ‘Wildflower’ even though their original plans were canceled, and we can not wait to see how else they’ll creatively continue to provide content for their fans despite everyone being on lockdown. 

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Watch the ‘Wildflower’ music video below and then tell us your favorite part! Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet over @thehoneypop.

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Featured Image Source: 5 Seconds of Summer via Vevo

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