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High Energy Hardcore – Rotting Out Is Everything You’re Not.

High Energy Hardcore – Rotting Out Is Everything You’re Not.

Formerly referred to as Pure Noise Perfection, Rotting Out is making waves yet again. Previously featured on The Honey Pop’s Metal Monday, the American hardcore-punk band has delivered their third full-length album Ronin via Pure Noise Records. One of a kind vocals, paired with a unique sound, Rotting Out produces elements that other groups just can’t match.

Straight from the streets of LA, Rotting Out is Walter Delgado (guitar, vocals), Alfredo Dario Pedrozo (guitar), Jorge Cabrera (drums), Carlos Morales (guitar), and Benjamin Ruiz (bass). Raised on sounds of local heroes Suicidal Tendencies and Pennywise, with a smooth injection of their own So-Cal hardcore scene, Rotting Out continues to create some of the most captivating, energetic, and downright badass hardcore/punk music being released today. Capturing a type of LA grit that is often missed by many hardcore bands, Rotting Out perfects their expression in all its grunge-filled glory.

Rotting Out Album Art
Photo Source: Rotting Out Official Album Art

After disbanding from the original band, Dogpile, the band formed in 2007. Releasing two full-length records, and Two-EPs, the scene found love for this band quickly. With a brief hiatus due to Delgado’s arrest, they were unsure of the relevancy the group held. However, after the three-year hiatus, the band reemerged back into the scene. Killer Performances at the Sound and Fury Festival and This Is Hardcore Fest in 2018 reminded us of their talent.

High Hopes for Rotting Out’s Ronin

Our hopes are high for Ronin and we were confident Rotting Out would do nothing less than deliver. Lead Vocalist, Walter Delgado, opened up about the long break between records.

“It’s been seven years since our last LP. A lot has happened since: hard lessons, periods of isolation, the weight of guilt, diagnosis, crippling realization, absolute hopelessness, and also absolute peace and calmness.”

Delgado Told Fans

What was left was high energy hardcore. Aggressive and angst-fueled, Delgado pulled inspiration from this album from real life. Into the scene at a young age, the violent, sometimes ghetto atmosphere of LA projects brought to light the struggles surrounding. Gang activity, drugs, prostitution, violence, domestic and child abuse surrounded him. “When I got into hardcore, it was cool because it didn’t involve all of that or glorify it,” shares Walter Delgado.

Until it wasn’t…

“There was a point where I started to notice that certain bands or certain people in the hardcore scene adopted the style of being from the ghetto. They started glorifying the grim and the dirt – just negative things that shouldn’t be glorified to begin with from ghettos when these people were not from there.”

Said Delgado

The most recent single, dropping days before the album, was meant to put those glorifying it right back where they belong. Delgado makes it apparent, saying,

“It’s a big f*ck you to everyone who tried to adopt this ‘cool swag ghetto child’ vibe when they themselves are from suburbia.”

And it-gets-down. 

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Reclaiming The Industry

Jam-packed with absolute headbangers (like ‘Unforgiven’ -totally insane-), lyrically, this album is emotional. Reaching deep down into life’s experiences, each song tells a story. There are a lot of things planted into the record that people can take from it. 

Never feeling more proud, they left nothing behind. We are stoked to have a record full of some of the best hardcore around. Back and ready to reclaim their well-deserved place in the industry. 

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