Walk Off The Earth + Friends × Dua Lipa = A Fire Zoom Mix

Walk Off The Earth + Friends × Dua Lipa = A Fire Zoom Mix

We all know Walk Off The Earth, the Canadian Kings and Queen of the cover game on YouTube. In this Zoom Mix, they’re not letting quarantine stop them in their musical pursuits. For this venture, though they’re gonna get by with a little help from their friends. Joined by Scott Helman, Myles Erlick, Briar Nolet, Andrew Huang, DARENOTS, and Danny Padilla & Mason Sperling. Listen to this new cover of Dua Lipa’s song.

‘Don’t Start Now’ WOTE Cover

We can all agree this is creative and innovative. This is done in such a way that only Walk Off The Earth can accomplish. Each little Webcam holds one of the artists with their instrument of choice. Some getting pretty creative. Anything from cups and mugs to a drill. We get back up vocals and sweet riffs from a variety. Then some a living it up and dancing to the tune bubbly as can be. The video is fun and chaotic. All around a good time.

During this quarantine, Zoom has been used mostly for schooling and professional conferences. With this Zoom Mix of Dua Lipa’s song it just goes to show what a little effort and ingenuity can accomplish. This song cover was a hit, what do you guys think?

To find out more about Walk Off The Earth

Don’t forget to add WOTE’s Dua Lipa cover to your quarantine playlist. If you want to know more about Walk Off The Earth’s newest album, click here. If you want to buy their latest album HERE WE GO! and to read more about WOTE click here

Bored out of your mind? We’ve got something for everyone.

Featured Image Source: courtesy of WOTE Twitter

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