‘Tapping Out’ From Stripped Down Version Of An Issues Fan Favorite

‘Tapping Out’ From Stripped Down Version Of An Issues Fan Favorite

Versatility is no stranger to the ever-evolving band, Issues. This band has made that abundantly clear when new album Beautiful Oblivion pumped out over 24 million streams. Previously referred to by The Honey POP as “The Dream Team,” Issues is on our radar. They’ve showcased their unmatchable fusion of alternative, hip-hop, and metal energy by serving us up an exclusive sound time and time again.

Showing us a vast amount of swagger and being just so damn aesthetically pleasing (check out their latest video for single ‘Rain’), the band does it again with a stripped-down version of a fan favorite. ‘Tapping Out’ quickly became one of the most popular songs off the latest album, but now they’ve blessed our ears in a completely new way. Stripping it down (aww yeah-) Issues shows us all another side of their musical abilities with the acoustic version of ‘Tapping Out.’ Completely transforming the song, Tyler Carter reminds us precisely what those pipes can do (you know, make a grown man cry). An already emotional song, the acoustic version allows you to hear the pain within each lyric, making our hearts practically explode.

Issues Promo Outdoors
Image Source: Issues Offical Facebook

Absolutely loving this version, fans are desperate to hear more. Fortunately, Issues return to the road this summer in support of label-mates Dance Gavin Dance on a rescheduled headline tour.

Personally, we’d love to hear a stripped-down version of a number of songs off this album. Truthfully though, we’d really love is to hear from you!

What Issues song do you want to hear stripped down next? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

To learn more about Issues:

Feature Image Source: Issues Official Twitter

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