The YUNGBLUD Show Has Come Back For A Second Episode, And It’s Brought Us So Much Life (Plus He’ll Release ‘Weird!’ Next Week!)

The YUNGBLUD Show Has Come Back For A Second Episode, And It’s Brought Us So Much Life (Plus He’ll Release ‘Weird!’ Next Week!)

YUNGBLUD has been making this quarantine so much easier for all of us, well, especially his fans. We’ve been missing live shows and seeing our favorite artists, luckily we have YUNGBLUD still giving us a live show, even if it’s while we’re at home! He’s not only given us one episode of The YUNGBLUD Show, but he’s just given us a second one!

Filled with live performances, special guests, a £5,000 donation, and even a few games that had us laughing way harder than we should’ve, YUNGBLUD brought us something that really helped us get through our week.

Obviously, it was a little difficult because we were working from home, but we gave it everything we got. The response from our incredible fanbase was overwhelming. I’m surprised every time from their countless support. Massive love to all the guests for jumping on the show.


YUNGBLUD even did a very special and passionate cover of ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones, wowing us all with his incredible vocals and talent as he had three videos of himself, one singing, one playing guitar, and one playing the keyboard. Right after the performance, he shined his bright big smile and it filled our black hearts knowing how happy he was at that moment.

He had even posted his performance of ‘Wild Horses’ on his Instagram, so if you don’t have time to watch the halfhour-long The YUNGBLUD Show, you can spare a few minutes to check out his incredible performance. Check out ‘Wild Horses’ below!

Throughout the show, that was broadcasted to over 50k fans, YUNGBLUD was preparing us for an announcement, and in the end, we finally found out what it was. He’s releasing a brand new song, ‘Weird!’ on April 22! He wrote it at a time in his life when he felt like life was really weird, and now he felt it was so fitting to be released at this time in the world. And, judging by the name, it seems like it would fit the world perfectly right now.

‘Weird’ Cover Art

Though the show went live on April 16, you can still find it on his YouTube! Check out his full show below!

And, if you’d like to go back to watching his first episode of The YUNGBLUD Show that aired in March, you can watch it back below!

YUNGBLUD is really out here improving our quality of life with these live shows at home. Not only has he given us these two episodes of The YUNGBLUD Show, but he’s also released his performance from his November 2019 sold-out show at London’s O2 Academy Brixton. We have so much to watch from him and give us our live show satisfaction, so thank you, YUNGBLUD, for always being there for your fans and giving us these things to look forward to.

Have you watched both episodes of The YUNGBLUD Show? Are you excited for ‘Weird!’ (which you can pre-save here)? Let us know what you think by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Image From The YUNGBLUD Show

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