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When You Know, You Know. We Know Neck Deep Is Unstoppable.

When You Know, You Know. We Know Neck Deep Is Unstoppable.

Neck Deep is unstoppable. Even during hardship, they are finding ways to make fans smile. Making it clear that Neck Deep and fans (#NDUnit) are stronger than ever- they’ve asked fans to join along and help them to create an adorable music video for the new single ‘When You Know.’ This song is the second single from the forthcoming album All Distortions Are Intentional. Due out July 24th via Hopeless Records.

After COVID-19 derailed the band’s plan for a traditional music shoot, these babes took to the internet. They asked friends, fellow artists, and, most importantly, their fans to help. Helping them create a lyric video for the track, they hoped that it would be one of a kind. They nailed it.

Photo Source: ADAI Cover Art


Sure, we might be overly emotional, but the video was so perfect, it brought a tear to our eyes. What’s the best part? IT’S A LOVE SONG. A POP-PUNK LOVE SONG. Singer Ben Barlow says, “‘When You Know’ is a song about realizing you’re in love. The old saying ‘when you know, you know’ was in my mind with this one.” With a catchy chorus, this feel-good song is the Neck Deep that we all know and love. One that gave us just what we needed in a time like this.

The band’s forthcoming album is complex, building a story around two characters. A loner named Jett, from Sonderland, combining a “Wonderland” and the obscure word “sonder”: creating a realization that everyone around you- each passerby is living in a life complex and vivid, just like your own. Just an extra in your story, but the leading role in their own. 

In ‘When You Know,’ and within the timeline of ADAI this is where Jett realizes, after a night out talking about the world and Alice and he sees it, share similar feelings, and connect, that he is, in fact, in love with Alice. Barlow says, 

“The mutual feeling of not belonging, the difficulties of their day to day lives and battling their inner insecurities, yet now having each other to ease the pain and giving a sense of purpose is the key take-away from this song. It’s a pretty straight-up summer love song, but one that’s mega catchy and feel good – a stark contrast to some of the more emotionally heavy songs on the record.”

Just Looking For A Happy Ending

For us, this song has hyped us up monumentally. We are on the edge of our seats as we long to hear the rest of Jett’s story. Looking for a happy ending in hopes of finding one ourselves. 

As all of us try to stay patient for that story, the album, and more from Neck Deep- we distract ourselves by getting hype for their tour this fall. Neck Deep kicks of North American Headline Tour in celebration of the new album All Distoristions Are Intentional. Kicking off November 6th in Nashville, TN, and will hit Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Kansas City, Austin, Philadelphia, Toronto, and more before wrapping up for one of their most significant US shows to date in New York City at Terminal 5.

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