‘House of Lett’ Brings The Grooves Home To You

‘House of Lett’ Brings The Grooves Home To You

Lettuce is a funk band out of Boston. They’ve got sick beats and neat treats. In the lead up to their May 8th album Resonate, they’ve dropped a new single right in our laps called ‘House of Lett’. The funky house groove is sure to bring the chill to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever it is you designate your time during this quarantine. We don’t judge.

‘House of Lett’

‘House of Lett’ came to us on the good day of April 15th and we’ve been riding that high ever since. The song steadily escalates with something new at every turn. A sweet tune to vibe to and jam if you’re into that. It mixes together so many elements. It is truly a love ballet to all of us music lovers. The visualizer is pretty cool too but between the jazzy trumpet solos and dynamic, we hardly saw it until maybe round three. You can find something you love in each listen so grab your coffee, close your eyes, and play ‘House of Lett’. Be transported to your favorite place.

Are you as excited to listen to Resonate as we are? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! We’ve got something for everybody so don’t be shy, we’re here for you!

To Learn More About Lettuce:

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Lettuce YouTube

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