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Demi Lovato And Sam Smith Go For The Gold In Their New Collab ‘I’m Ready’

Demi Lovato And Sam Smith Go For The Gold In Their New Collab ‘I’m Ready’

Demi Lovato and Sam Smith have a new collab out. It dropped on April 17th, 2020, and is called ‘I’m Ready,’ and we are so ready for it. Not only did the release the song, but also the accompanying music video. The song slaps and is set to be on Sam’s third studio album.

‘I’m Ready’

The song is empowering and uplifting. Love can feel like a sport; you win some, and you lose some, but this time we’re ready. The music video is alluring and colorful with beautifully dressed people, who gather to compete in track, diving, and wrestling. It has people posting on TikTok, colorful dance-floor lights, and some ethereal dancing. It’s a beautiful declaration of strength and dedication to beauty. A song that embraces who you are, who they all were (exes we mean), and a salute to a future we’re going to embrace fully with open arms.

When you get a nod from RuPaul, you know you have made it in life. This song is hands down amazing. If you haven’t listened to it at least twice yet then what are you doing?? Go out there and embrace yo’ self. We know we are.

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Need to know more about Sam Smith’s album? How about Lil’ Miss Demi? We’ve got you covered on all your music needs and more.

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