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‘Amongst The Shadows & The Stones’ With Trivium Our Frustration Peaks

‘Amongst The Shadows & The Stones’ With Trivium Our Frustration Peaks

Trivium is at it again with a new song drop called ‘Amongst The Shadows & The Stones’. Out on April 16th and this is ahead of their April 24th album release. We’re excited for more Trivium, are you?

‘Amongst The Shadows & The Stones’

The song comes at a perfect time. Eerie and otherworldly is their signature, but this song is laced with fear and frustration, and graphic imagery of corpses and struggle. The music is amazing though, as it starts with bare, but crystal clear growls then moving into darting guitar and energetic drums. This is pure energy with melodic and beautiful choruses. The beat is not for the faint of heart, of course. If you need to get crazy and headbang in your room, Trivium has got you covered.


"Shining skies will bring on death below
A compromising choice now rings hollow
Self-interest gaining, killing monetized
A million lives to boost the bottom line
The harder we fight, the faster we fall
Stabbed in the back, defeated we crawl
The joke in the end that no one will know
We're dying for nothing at all"

These lyrics highlight something we are seeing in the world today; the feelings many people are expressing. The rich seeming to stand on piles of money and resources while those below them struggle. Their only thoughts are to make a profit or improve their bottom line. It can feel like being stabbed in the back, and in these circumstances, asking what do they do it for? This mindset is a joke, though, because, in the end, those rich corporations lose consumers and employees. The system crumbles, and it’s all for nothing. This single paragraph is heavy, making for a ton of weight within this one song, but the music lifts your spirits. The wonderful thing about this music is that there is solidarity, an outlet for all those frustrating and heavy emotions.

Do you love the song, and are you excited about the album? If you haven’t seen Trivium’s last music video, we recommend you check out this article (and this article, too.) Want to let us know what you think? Leave a comment below or find us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter.

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