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Monsta X Captivate In ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’

Monsta X Captivate In ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’

Monsta X has spoiled us again and is giving their fans, Monbebe, the ultimate treat by dropping the music video for their next single, ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart”. Premiering on Friday, April 17th, the group joined fans in a live chat on YouTube during the premiere, answering fans questions, and adding on to the excitement of the new video. 

Source: YouTube

Pleasing to the Eye

The video showcases how each member of Monsta X is indeed a visual. The style is a different vibe from what fans usually see in the music videos for their Korean comebacks. Still, the minimalist and pleasing to the eye aesthetic perfectly matches the feel of the song.

The digital effects of colorful smoke, which just so happens to correlate with the boys’ outfits, captures your attention. Could this smoke coming from where the boys’ hearts rest, in fact, hold a deeper meaning, such as their hearts now being free (concept theorists, this one’s for you)? Overall, the video draws attention to the vocals and the emotion of the song, something that is also seen on the entire album, which You Can’t Hold My Heart’ is featured on, All About Luv.

Source: Epic Records

Monsta X Are Making History

The list of achievements Monsta X has earned with All About Luv are ones that have to be recognized. First off, not only are they one of the first Korean groups to release an all English album but said album debuted on the Billboard charts at No.5. By debuting within the Top Ten, Monsta X becomes the third k-pop group to earn this achievement. The group, which is nearing its fifth anniversary of their debut on May 14th, is one that deserves all the praise and success they are receiving with this English album, and we, along with the many Monbebe, couldn’t be more proud. 

But Wait, There’s More.

Not only had Monsta X been preparing for this music video release, but it was announced that they would be having their next Korean comeback. The new mini-album, titled Fantasia X, is due to be released on May 11th, and the group has already released details about the album, and the countdown to its release. With four different versions of the album to purchase and different photo cards to collect, fans have already begun pre-ordering the album and preparing to stream and help get the group a high-ranking spot again on the charts.

Source: Twitter

We know for sure that we will be staying up the night before Fantasia X’s release in anticipation. Till then, you can find us playing ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’ on repeat and getting lost in the boys’ soothing vocals and dreamy visuals.   

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Did you watch ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart” yet? Are you excited for the release of Fantasia X? Comment below to let us know, or you can tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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