Smoove’L’s New Music Is ‘Just A Dream’ Come True

Smoove’L’s New Music Is ‘Just A Dream’ Come True

”Just A Dream’ is one of the newest tracks from Brooklyn rapper, Smoove’L. April has been an excellent month for new music, and this song more than proves our point. This new track is an absolute banger! You can stream it on Smoove’L’s Spotify page here or check out the song right here:

If you like hype songs with high energy, you’ll love ‘Just A Dream.’ The music on the track brings about a classical trap sound that is entirely refreshing and original. Smoove’L’s harsher sound paired with quick bars, brings together the whole song. Part of what makes ‘Just A Dream’ so fun is its emphasis on contrast. Think of the approach Lil Nas X took with his country trap hit, ‘Old Town Road.’ Those are the vibes. Whatever the inspiration for this song was is working because this song is FIRE.

Vibing to Just a Dream

Anyone who thinks they haven’t heard of Smoove’L before now, may need to think again. The rapper has almost two million monthly listeners on Spotify. You may recognize Smoove’L from his song ‘Apollo.’ A portion of ‘Apollo’ has been a popular sound on Tik Tok for a long while. Smoove’L has also just released a new track called ‘I’m Da Sh*T.’ Make sure to check it out!

What’s your favorite song by Smoove’L? Make sure to let us know in the comments or online via Twitter or Facebook at @TheHoneyPop!

Learn More About Smoove’L:

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Featured Image Source: Darius Jones for XXL.

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