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Come ‘Drown With Me’ In The Darker Depth Of Love

Come ‘Drown With Me’ In The Darker Depth Of Love

Australian metal band Make Them Suffer have a new album on the horizon, How To Survive A Funeral is dropping this Summer via Rise Records. Their latest single, in preparation for the release, dropped on April 13th called ‘Drown With Me.’ It’s a walk on the dark side, so we hope you’ve got your cookies ready.

‘Drown With Me’

We’re not gonna lie; the song is messed up. Most love songs focus on heartbreak or the bubbly fun stuff. For many, love can seem like a bottomless, fathomless ocean and not knowing how to swim. It can feel dark, twisted, and even painful as if you’re drowning. Love can sweep you under its currents and drag you down, but don’t be scared; struggling makes it worse.

"Take my hand, don’t be scared. 
Drown with me if you can. 
Like we’re sand like we’re stones in the water. 
Drown with me if you can. 
So take my hand and drown with me. 
Don’t fear the oceans of change, 
These waters waiting an age 
are so much wiser than words can explain."

You really should be listening to Make Them Suffer. In this new single, the drums, guitar and vocals, all come together to make for one hardcore tune. Their past and present sounds collide to bring the ultimate experience to your ears. Don’t just take our word for it, because the fans are pretty pumped.

How To Survive A Funeral

‘Drown With Me’ is a great song, and comes ahead of their 4th album. A total of 10 songs, two of which are out now. We’re feeling it. Give Make Them Suffer a try.

  1. ‘Step One’
  2. ‘Falling Ashes’
  3. ‘Bones’
  4. ‘Drown With Me’
  5. ‘Erase Me’
  6. ‘Soul Decay’
  7. ‘Fake Your Own Death’
  8. ‘How To Survive A Funeral’
  9. ‘The Attendant’
  10. ‘That’s Just Life’


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