August Burns Red & Silverstein’s Shane Told Cover NOFX’S ‘Linoleum’ To Cure Our Quarantine Blues

August Burns Red & Silverstein’s Shane Told Cover NOFX’S ‘Linoleum’ To Cure Our Quarantine Blues

August Burns Red not ONLY have a sick-ass new album, but they’re helping us through the quarantine with an extra special release. The band has shared their cover of NOFX’s ‘Linoleum,’ featuring Silverstein‘s singer Shane Told. Recorded and filmed at home, the group wanted to put out something fun for fans to enjoy while everyone is under quarantine conditions. 

Check it here: 

Previously covering ‘Linoleum’ by NOFX on a 7″ feature in 2009, the band also has periodically added it to their live shows over the year. ABR spent the past summer touring with Silverstein, making it a perfect addition play semi-regularly, and who better to handle the vocals than Shane Told?

While stuck at home in isolation, the band thought what fun it could be to put together a quarantine version of the song, featuring Shane. Each member recorded their own parts at home and had their sound engineer Chris Pollock mix the audio. Getting help from their touring photographer, Ray Duker, the video was edited together, and magic was made. Having a blast in the creation, the band hopes that fans genuinely enjoy it (we do).

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August Burns Red’s Guardians No. 1 Debut

If you’re feeling this cover heavy, and have yet to check out ABR’s latest full length, this is the perfect opportunity. Guardians, out now via Fearless Records unsurprisingly debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hard Music Album chart, The Rock Album chart, AND the Vinyl Albums chart upon its release. Billboard also dubbed the album “their heaviest album yet,” and we certainly don’t disagree. With songs like ‘Bones,’ ‘Paramount,’ and ‘Defender,’ that is paired with a super sick comic-book-inspired video, we can’t help but love everything this band does. 

August Burns Red Billboard
Image via Atom Splitter PR

What’s your favorite song of of ABR’s Guardians? Let us know by commenting down below or below or tweeting us over @TheHoneyPOP!


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