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Florence + The Machine Bringing Us The ‘Light of Love’ During This Pandemic

Florence + The Machine Bringing Us The ‘Light of Love’ During This Pandemic

Florence + The Machine are doing their part to contribute to the Pandemic efforts. Releasing a previously unreleased song intended for their last album, we’re blessed today with the tune. We’re excited about more than just a song, we’re excited that all income from the release is being donated to The Intensive Care Society COVID-19 Fund!

‘Light of Love’

With this song, we get 4 lovely minutes of wonder and beauty that is Florence’s voice. The music starts with a lilting piano painting imagery of train tracks. A lonely image that resounds with how many of us are feeling today. A perfect song and mood for the cause being supported by this song. ‘Light of Love’ is like a guiding light and the piano is the perfect instrument, so versatile and emotional. Each note pushing us forward as we delve deeper into the building, reverberating feeling of ‘Light of Love.’

"Well, the feeling was always too much for me
It always came too strong
I wanted to get it right so badly that I always got it wrong
So you keep pushing on
You hope it won't be long
'Til you can find the child you were
And find a way to get along"

A beautiful track with a powerful cause. As previously mentioned ‘Light of Love’ was a track that didn’t make it onto Florence + The Machine’s previous album. The intent behind the release is to bring awareness to The Intensive Care Society COVID-19 Fund, and Florence encourages donations as well!

So did you like the song? How about that IG live version, pretty cool right? Are you ready to support the cause? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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