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Is Alaina Castillo The Epitome Of Talent? We Say Yes!

Is Alaina Castillo The Epitome Of Talent? We Say Yes!

Quarantine and a pandemic sure haven’t slowed Alaina Castillo down. In the midst of the madness, she has released a single, a lyric video, and a music video to bring joy to our souls.

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Her latest single is a Spanish song entitled ‘No Vuelvas a Mirar Atrás,’ which translates to ‘Don’t Look Back.’ The release comes just a few short weeks after Just A Boy,’ which premiered on NME and garnered upwards of 1 million streams in its first week.

“This song has been helping me since we first wrote it because I overthink allllllll the time and need a reminder to chill tf out and not let the past mess up the present. Can’t wait for you to hear it and have it. Hope it helps.”

-Alaina Castillo

The waiting is over, check out the lyric video below and listen to the track anywhere you stream music!

Now, remember that music video we mentioned? Yeah, she released one of those too for her beautiful single ‘Just A Boy.’ This song is the lead track from her new EP The Voicenotes, which we are stoked about! Check out the video below and get ready to feast your eyes on a masterpiece.

There’s not much left to be said other than Alaina Castillo is a goddess, we love her, and she owns our whole ass hearts!

We want to hear from you, though! What do you think of her new single ‘No Vuelvas a Mirar Atrás?’ What are your thoughts on her music video for ‘Just A Boy?’ Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, on Facebook, or Instagram!

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