‘Midnight’ Is Our New Favorite Time of Day

‘Midnight’ Is Our New Favorite Time of Day

‘Midnight’ by Alesso featuring Liam Payne is our new nightly obsession. The music video is now available for fans to watch. Haven’t seen it yet? We’ve got you covered! When you’re done watching the video, continue to stream the song here!

The Grammy-nominated DJ teamed up with former One Direction Member, Liam Payne, to create a beautiful new love song. Alesso and Liam filmed the entire music video from quarantine! The video gives us an intimate look at both artists in their elements. Alesso produces the music in LA while Payne performs the track in the sunshine at his London home. Despite the physical distance creating a barrier between the two men, music and love prove strong enough to unite them together. We love that journey for Alesso and Liam Payne.

Alesso Deserves The Hype

Alesso is one of our favorite Swedish DJs for sure! He’s worked with some of the biggest names in music from Hailee Steinfeld to Calvin Harris, and more. ‘Midnight’ is following his last hit with DubVision, ‘One Last Time,’ which you can listen to now! He’s a powerhouse in the dance world of music. If you want to listen to a DJ who can fit himself into any genre, and is guaranteed to give you a bop, Alesso is your guy.

Liam Girls, Unite!

In case you somehow don’t know who the Liam James Payne is, allow us to catch you up. Liam Payne is a multi-platinum-selling artist with more than 18.8 million singles sold in two years. He is also our resident DILF, but we can visit that another time. ‘Midnight’ is just one of many stellar collaborations that Liam has blessed us with. Listen to his first solo album here for more bops!


How are you feeling about this collaboration? Send us your suggestions on who you think Alesso or Liam should collab with next! You can let us know on Facebook or Twitter @TheHoneyPop.

Learn More About Alesso

Learn More About Liam Payne

Featured Image Source: ‘Midnight’ Music Video.

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