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‘Telephone’ Calls Late At Night With Waterparks

‘Telephone’ Calls Late At Night With Waterparks

Working with producer Andrew Atwood, Waterparks has a new remix for song ‘Telephone’. This little remix comes at a time where making phone calls is the move. Let’s hop on into something we might not come back from.

‘Telephone’ Waterparks Remix with Andrew Atwood

The lyrics, we love. The sound is fresh. This is a remix we can stay up all night talking on the phone about. The music is super low key and the lyrics inquire about all the things we want to know. ‘Telephone’ sets up the old days, where telephone calls to your crushes and late-night convos were the thing. Being so obsessed and invested, that when it all falls apart the closest thing you have is that ‘Telephone’.

Was it even real? “I can be your best yet future favorite regret, do you feel it too? Do you feel it too?”

We enjoy the beat that accompanies Awsten Knight as he encourages the recklessness of youth. Jump in if you feel the time is right, even if it doesn’t last it’ll be your “future favorite regret”. Then the slow down at the end? Like memories, the lyrics are distorted and mesh well with the song. Waterparks always have the best remixes, what do you think?

Twitter post from the Waterparks

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