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The Rap Up Is Back To Brighten Your Sunday!

The Rap Up Is Back To Brighten Your Sunday!

Welcome back to another week of The Rap Up: where we give you the latest on hip-hop/R&B releases! We’ve had so many releases all throughout April, and it’s just crazy how fast it is flying by! We’re too excited to see what May holds for us.

We’ll quit talking for now. Let’s dive right in!


Travis Scott and Kid Cudi collaborated on their new single and stage name ‘THE SCOTTS,’ which premiered on the popular video game Fortnite. From April 23rd-25th, Fortnite held a “virtual” Travis Scott concert, which featured his most popular songs such as ‘goosebumps,’ ‘Stargazing,’ ‘Sickomode,’ ‘Highest In The Room,’ and ‘The Scotts.’ If you missed out on the cool graphics, don’t fret! You can check out the video above to watch!

You can stream ‘The Scotts’ on all platforms here!

Juice WRLD: ‘Righteous’

Juice WRLD’s team released one of his singles ‘Righteous,’ and many of his fans are raving over it while also showing their condolences to him once again (RIP Jarad Higgins). Another emotional track, Juice WRLD talks of his anxiety and his drug addiction. In the music video that goes along with the track, it features clips of Juice WRLD in the studio and live at concert. We guarantee you that the montage that will break your heart, whether you’re a fan of him or not.

You can stream ‘Righteous’ on all platforms!

Lil Baby: ‘All In’

This past Friday, Lil Baby dropped his single and music video for ‘All In.’ The single is supposedly featured on the deluxe version of his #1 album My Turn. The deluxe version will feature an extra 6 tracks and will be released next week on May 1st! We all know his rap game goes crazy, and we’re too hyped to hear what else is in store. With all 14 of his tracks on Billboard Top 100, it’ll be easy for him to get the other 6 up there as well.

You can stream ‘All In’ on all platforms here!

K Camp: K.I.S.S. 5

K Camp is also back with his brand new album, K.I.S.S 5, giving us the perfect mixture of rap and R&B. In this final installment of K.I.S.S., K Camp includes many other talented artists such as 6LACK, Ari Lennox, Jacquees, Jeremih, Wale, and more! It consists of 15 tracks, including his past singles ‘Lottery (Renegade)’ and ‘Ice Cold.’ In terms of the meaning behind the songs, they appear to contrast in regards to love, but the production behind it all keeps the listener craving for more.

You can stream K.I.S.S 5 on all platforms here!

Rod Wave: ‘F*ck The World’

After dropping his new album Pray 4 Love a few weeks back, Rod Wave dropped the music video for his single ‘F*ck The World.’ Rod Wave’s new album is the perfect quarantine album for being in your feelings and jamming at the same time. Listed the #1 rap album in the country, and #2 on Billboard’s Top 200, it’s climbing the charts, and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Not your typical rap album, it sets itself apart by being loaded with inspiration and faith. The first 2 singles ‘Pray 4 Love’ and ‘Thief in the Night,’ have already racked up millions of views on YouTube. Rod is bringing a new series, giving an intimate look into his life.

You can stream Pray 4 Love on all platforms here!


Dreamy R&B artist releases her four-track EP TO FEEL ALIVE. As stated in an instagram post, Kali Uchis recorded these tracks in her bedroom, telling her fans that they would have to wait longer for another album. In terms of the cover art, she described it as “the isolation era of me eating the por vida era of me’s pussy,” which references her album Isolation and her EP Por Vida. Fans were excited to find out that she remade some of her unreleased tracks in this EP, such as ‘honey baby (SPOILED!)’ and ‘angel.’ These tracks will definitely do until she releases her album, and we’ll be playing it on repeat until then!

You can stream TO FEEL ALIVE on all platforms here!

PJ Morton & Nu Deco Ensemble: ‘Alright / Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’

Take 10 minutes out of your day to stream Nu Deco Ensemble & PJ Morton’s live performance. We promise you won’t regret. The rocking performance took place December 2019 in Miami but was recently released on YouTube and social media. Their performance of “Alright / Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” features PJ showing his piano skills and bold vocals, with the hybrid orchestra making the crowd go wild with their heavenly performance.

Lili Kendall: love, herself

Aussie R&B singer Lili Kendall finally drops her debut project love, herself. Saying that we’ve been excited for this project would be a huge understatement. Articulating the journey through self-love, romance, and womanhood, Lili Kendall has an inspiring message in each of her 10 tracks. Whether it be about leaving a toxic relationship (‘Third degree love crimes’ or ‘lonely empress’) or finding self worth and comfort in being on her own (‘i am my own’), love, herself is a must-listen, especially those who fancy alternative R&B.

You can stream love, herself on all platforms here!

Cautious Clay, Remi Wolf, Still Woozy, Sophie Meiers, Claud, Melanie Faye & HXNS: ‘Cheesin’

Social distancing isn’t stopping Cautious Clay from getting together remotely with his pals to make a tune! Clay plus Sophie Meiers, Remi Wolf, Claud, Melanie Faye, and HXNS gang up on their new single ‘Cheesin.’ The talented group of indie artists definitely have us smiling from ear to ear. Wolf’s and Meiers’s angelic voices against the lighthearted beat balance out Clay and Woozy soulful vocals. They also plan to give back with every listener! With every stream or download of ‘Cheesin,’ 100% of net profits go to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

You can stream ‘Cheesin’ on all platforms here!

Ambré & MAETA: ‘Color Blind’

Ambré and Maeta team up to give us their new single ‘Color Blind,’ and we’re obsessed with not only the production, but the writing behind it. We’re not surprised, as Ambré is a GRAMMY award-winning writer. The track talks about falling for someone and becoming color-blind; perhaps a metaphor about how love can change your perception on almost everything. “We had so much fun creating this song with no pressure,” Ambré spoke about the single, “we knew it would be something special.”

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You can stream ‘Color Blind’ on all platforms here!

Leven Kali ft. TY DOLLA $IGN: ‘Perfect Is Boring’

Leven Kali and Ty Dolla $ign released their new single ‘Perfect is Boring,’ and we’re in love. Combined with classic R&B elements with a modern rap beat, ‘Perfect is Boring’ is a timeless jam with vocals that will feed your soul. If you’re raving over this track like we are, you’re in for a treat next week! On May 1st, Leven Kali is releasing his new project hightide: the two-part album that has a concept behind it. “There’s a lot of symbolism behind [LOWTIDE and HIGHTIDE],” says Kali, “The tides, for us, represent the ebb and flow of individual and collective emotions– the tides of the times. It’s so important to gain a complete understanding of yourself, your lows, and your highs. It takes honesty and courage, but it’s necessary for your journey.”

You can stream ‘Perfect is boring’ on all platforms here!

Mitch & Ann Marie: ‘Like This’

YG artist Mitch releases his new single ‘Like This,’ which features fellow R&B singer Ann Marie. The sultry, chill track talks about someone giving their significant other a romance that only they can provide. “I wrote the record about a girl I was dealing with at the time.” Mitch spoke up regarding the track, “We had recently broke up, and it inspired me to write ‘Like This.’ I used it as an outlet to let her know she would never find another love like this.” The single was teased all week by Mitch, and we finally get the blessing that our ears have been yearning for.

You can stream ‘Like This’ on all platforms here!

Rapping It Up

We think this was one of our best weeks yet in terms of releases! Our favorite artists really managed to tug on our heartstrings this week, didn’t they?

Be sure to add your favorites from today’s Rap Up to any of your playlists!

What do you guys think of this week’s Rap Up? Which release was your favorite from this week? Comment your thoughts down below, or feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

We will be back every Sunday to give you the new Hip-hop/R&B feels you have been searching for! In the meantime, you can check out our Hip-POP & R&Bee category for more!

Featured image source: Yasmin Keskin

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