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Jesse McCartney Takes A Nostalgic Trip With ‘Yours’

Jesse McCartney Takes A Nostalgic Trip With ‘Yours’


We’ve been waiting for two years but he has finally delivered! And by he, we mean Jesse McCartney and yes that means he recently released a new song, ‘Yours!’

Whether you know him by his 2004 hit, ‘Beautiful Soul,’ or one of his genre-bending bops like ‘How Do You Sleep’ featuring Ludacris, you will have this 2020 track on repeat for sure. The vocals are unmistakable and nostalgia-filled and the lyrics show us McCartney’s “favorite thing to be,” and we are loving it.

The song takes us on a trip of all the “things” and people McCartney has been throughout the years, with him ultimately finding out that he wasn’t comfortable being any of those things because his favorite is to be his lover’s.

I’m really proud of ‘Yours’ and excited for all my fans to hear it, it’s sort of my life in a pop song. It’s romantic but also introspective of my life and all these different roles I’ve played throughout – ultimately coming to the conclusion that my favorite role is where I am now and being Katie’s partner.

Jesse McCartney in a Recent Press Release

The accompanying video tells the tale perfectly, with it showing the many personas McCartney has given us throughout the years before he finally discovers his favorite self.

It’s nice to see an artist take a step back and look at where they’ve been to help them see where they should go next and if this is a glimpse of what we can expect from Jesse McCartney in the near future, we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next!

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