Catch Em’ All This June With Walk Off The Earth

Catch Em’ All This June With Walk Off The Earth

You heard us right. This June Pokemon has a new series called Pokemon Journeys: The Series. We can’t tell who’s more excited, us or Walk Off The Earth. Join us and catch ’em all with this new opening song.

‘Journey Starts Today’

Man was this a nostalgia trip. Reviving Ash and Pikachu in a new style and all-new adventure. We gotta catch ’em all and this revamp calls for an all-new opening. Now while we know nothing can replace the original this song seems like a strong contender. The song ‘Journey Starts Now’ can be heard teased throughout the trailer. Its light, fun, and since we love Walk Off The Earth we are dying to hear the full song.

Pokemon’s 23rd Season

If you want to know more about the series the Pokemon official website has posted some information. What we know is the show will be on Netflix with the first 12 episodes. The premiere is on June 12th. We’ve hit season 23! A testament to the resounding power Pokemon holds over children of all ages.

Watch On Netflix:

To find out more about Walk Off The Earth

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