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James Bay Is Here To Teach You How To Play Guitar

James Bay Is Here To Teach You How To Play Guitar

James Bay's Online Guitar Lessons

Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill and James Bay is here to help you out with that! If you’ve ever wanted to learn guitar, you can head on over to his Instagram where he’s doing live guitar lessons.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 12 PM EST, James goes live and teaches a new song on guitar and then posts the video afterward. So if you miss his lives, you can still learn from him! If you don’t have Instagram or prefer the Youtube format for videos, there’s a playlist of the lessons on his channel as well. Basically, you have no excuse to not take advantage of these lessons!

Here’s one of his most recent lives, to give you a taste of what the lessons are like

In case you’re not convinced by this video alone, here’s a quick list of reasons why you should learn guitar from James Bay:

1. He’s a great teacher

James takes his time and explains the chords and hand/pick placements of each song. He makes it easy to understand and he even talks about what type of pick you can use. We wouldn’t say that these lessons are for beginners exactly, he’s not teaching you how to play guitar. However, if you have a working knowledge of notes, chords, frets, strings, etc. you’ll probably be able to follow along to some extent.

2. He’s got a great vibe

Honestly, we’d watch these just for James Bay even if we’re not trying to learn guitar. He creates such a fun, laid back atmosphere in these lives and that’s part of what make them enjoyable. You end up feeling like you’re just hanging out on FaceTime with an insanely talented, famous, guitar-playing friend! It’s not too serious but it still feels like a real lesson with a really cool teacher.

3. You have nothing but time and free lessons

Look, we’re not saying that you have to be productive and doing something all the time in quarantine. You can just relax and do nothing, we totally get that! But, if learning how to play more songs on guitar is something you’ve been wanting to do anyway, now is a perfect time! You probably have more free time than normal, even with other obligations and thanks to James you have free lessons too. It’s easier now more than ever. Whether you learn one song or learn them all, it’s a fun way to spend your time.

We can't wait to learn guitar from James Bay!
Image Source: Timothy Norris/Getty Imag

So now, go forth and learn! Let us know what song you learn in the comments below and if you’d like to, we’d love to see videos of you learning the songs too! Hit us up on Twitter @thehoneypop!

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