‘Keep On Dancing’ To Oh Wonder’s New Music Video!

‘Keep On Dancing’ To Oh Wonder’s New Music Video!

‘Keep On Dancing’ is the latest single from Oh Wonder off of their new project Home Tapes. The duo asked fans to submit their best at home videos, and the fans delivered! Watch the brand new music video here!

Their newest single starts off bleak. The duo describes a birthday party only occupied by the guest of honor. The music video features fans sitting alone with birthday cakes displaying just how sad the moment can feel. Despite having no one to party with, Oh Wonder will always find a reason to ‘Keep On Dancing.’ The tune offers us a bright and upbeat escape during a time many are struggling with. It’s a special treat to see the fans dancing along too!


This new single is following their last hit, ‘Lonely Star.’ While the first single off of Home Tapes showcases feelings of isolation, ‘Keep On Dancing’ is a reminder to look for the positive. The duo announced on Twitter on April 29, that they are looking for trained dancers for a new video. The jury is out on what they could be up to next!

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Featured Image Source: Universal Music Group via Nicole Hajjar.

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