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KPOP HotSpot: Your Guide to Debuts and Comebacks For May 2020!

KPOP HotSpot: Your Guide to Debuts and Comebacks For May 2020!

Welcome back to the KPOP Hotspot! Your guide of all the exciting debuts and comebacks that you do not want to miss in May! We’re being blessed with a ton of amazing new music this month, making it a multistan’s dream. Let’s take a look at what we can expect over the next few weeks…

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Monsta X
Image Source: Epic Records

Monsta X are back with the highly anticipated release of their mini-album, Fantasia X. Fresh off the release of their first all English album, All About Luv, the group has already begun releasing teaser trailers and concept photos that Monbebe are fawning over. The comeback is expected to be a major one for the group, so get ready!

Dates for your diary: April 30th – May 6th: concept photos, 7th May: music video trailer, 10th May: album preview, 11th May: comeback date

UPDATE: due to Shownu obtaining an injury during rehearsals, the album has been postponed and will now release to May 26th. We at The Honey POP are sending all our love to Shownu and wish him a speedy recovery!

Image Source: TXT via Facebook

Get ready MOA, as TXT returns with their second comeback, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY! The long-awaited mini-album, with a looming dark concept, was finally announced on April 28th! We’re so sad to see The Dream Chapter end, but so excited to see the beginning of the new era! With the release of the Port and Starboard versions, we’re so curious about the story that will unfold 👀. Do you have any theories on where TXT will take us next?

Dates for your diary: May 18th: album release

Image Source: IU via Twitter

The chart queen is back – Korea’s Sweetheart IU is returning with a digital single, as revealed last week. But that’s not all! She’s being accompanied by award-winning rapper/songwriter/producer, BTS‘s Suga! It was a surprise to see the two collaborate on a track but we know it’ll wreck the charts instantly! Suga produced as well as featured on the new song and we can’t wait to hear it!

Dates for your diary: May 6th: single & music video release

NCT 127

Image Source: courtesy of SM Entertainment

127 Squad prepare yourselves – the boys are back with their repackaged album, Neo Zone: The Final Road! The album will have 17 songs and include the new single “Punch” and new songs ‘Nonstop’, ‘Make Your Day’ and ‘序曲; Prelude.’ Some members have already provided hints on what to expect for this comeback; Haechan, Jungwoo, and Taeil, during a recent V LIVE, said that the new single has a “different charm” than ‘Kick It’ and a “dance vibe. We’re so excited!

Dates for your diary: 19th May: comeback date

Image Source: Astro via Facebook

We are only a few days away from Astro making their May comeback! Their mini-album is titled Gateway, and the concept photos and trailer, along with the poster for their title track, ‘Knock,’ are making us and fans excited to see what this new era brings. This comeback also sees the return of member Moonbin after his hiatus, and we wish him and the rest of Astro all the best!

Dates for your diary: May 1st: music video teaser, May 2nd: jacket behind, May 4th: comeback date


Image Source: SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment has confirmed that Baekhyun will be having his second solo comeback in late May. As fans celebrated this announcement by trending #BAEKHYUN_is_BACK on Twitter, his collaboration with Bolbbalgan4 on their new track, ‘Butterfly and Cat’, was also announced soon after! With seven new songs, fans can begin preordering Baekhyun’s album now, and even have three versions they can choose from!

Dates for your diary: May 7th: Collab with Bolbbalgan4 drops May 25th – Comeback Date

Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

DAY6 will be coming out with their new mini-album, The Book Of Us: The Demon! While an official comeback schedule has not been released, fans have already been treated with a tracklist and a trailer film for the album. While you wait for its release, be sure to check out their other albums in this series, The Book Of Us: Gravity and The Book of Us: Entropy.

Dates for your diary: 11th May: comeback date

Youngjae & Choi Jung Yoo
Image Source: TVN

GOT7‘s Youngjae and singer/songwriter Choi Jung Yoo have collaborated on an OST, and soon you’ll be able to stream it. You probably heard snippets of it if you watched the new drama “When My Love Blossoms.” If you didn’t know already, GOT7’s Jinyoung is the male lead in this drama, making this a double win for Ahgase! The OST is titled ‘빠져드나봐’ (Falling In Love).

Dates for your diary: May 3rd: song release

Image Source: Courtesy of FENT/Fascino Entertainment

The girl group Fanatics is back for the release of their 2nd mini-album, Plus Two. This comeback also sees the introduction of new members RaYeon and Via, who will be stepping in place of YoonHye and ChaeRin. With the lead single being ‘V.A.V.I. GIRL’ and the mix of cute and e-girl concept photos, we’re excited about this new comeback from the girls!

Dates for your diary: April 30th: second music video teaser, May 4th: Comeback date

Image Source: Naver X Dispatch

May 11th is proving to be a busy day for KPOP as NU’EST also have their comeback on that day. They will be releasing their 8th mini-album, Nocturne, and have been wowing us with their concept trailers for each member. You can also participate in a “reward event” that the group is running on their Instagram to unlock a special message from the members.

Dates for your diary: April 27th – May 8th: reward event participation period, May 118th: comeback date

Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Taeyeon’s anticipated comeback single, ‘Happy,’ has officially been confirmed for May, following its postponement back in March. The concept photos are beautiful, and so is the music video teaser, with also a bit of cuteness in the mix. Taeyeon will also be doing a V LIVE the day of the release to talk with fans, and we are so happy to her coming back to the music scene.

Dates for your diary: May 4th: comeback date

Image Source: BVNDIT via Facebook

After hearing their single, ‘Children,’ we have been waiting for more details from BVNDIT about their new comeback, and it’s here!. This will be the girl group’s second mini-album, and we can’t wait to see what concept and song they have prepared. Make sure you’re following their social media, so you don’t miss any of the comeback excitement!

Dates for your diary: May 4th: official photo 1 and album pre-order, May 6th: official photo 2, May 7th: tracklist reveal, May 8th: music video teaser 1, May 11th: highlight medley, May 12th: music video teaser 2, May 13th: comeback date

Image Source: Courtesy of FNC Entertainment

After being postponed due to the pandemic, the Japanese release of SF9‘s single, ‘Good Guy’ is happening. There will be three different versions that fans can buy, which also include their other tracks ‘One Love’ and ‘Am I The Only One.’ If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the music video for ‘Good Guy’ that was released a couple of months ago!

Dates for your diary: May 27th: single release

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Photo of Holly Humberstone by Jordan Curtis Hughes
YeSung & Suran
Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Super Junior’s YeSung and Suran are coming together for a new SM STATION track. The title of the collaboration is ‘Still Standing,” and the teasers for the track show that we can expect a sweet and calming pop song – but nothing about us is calm because we are way too hype for this!

Dates for your diary: May 1st: Track release


Image Source: Natty via Twitter

If you remember Mnet’s show SIXTEEN, then you may already be familiar with Natty. Well, she is officially making her solo debut! Her debut single is ‘NineTeen,’ and she already has people talking about her comeback, so consider us excited!

Dates for your diary: May 1st: music video teaser 1, May 4th: music video teaser 2 and dance challenge, May 7th: comeback date


Image Source: JongUp via Twitter

JongUp, former member of B.A.P, will be making his solo debut! Fans have been sending him their best wishes, excited to see what he has in store for his new venture as a solo artist. If the teaser for his music video, ‘Headache,’ is any indication, then we are all in for a treat.

Dates for your diary: May 1st: audio teaser, May 4th: teaser 2, May 5th: concept photo #3, May 6th: album preview, May 7th: debut date


Image Source: Courtesy of NV Entertainment

From NV Entertainment come, new girl group, woo!ah!. The six members have been active on social media by vlogging their daily lives and also using TikTok (where they already have four-million likes combined on all their videos!). Fans can also watch the series Trainee Exploratory Life to learn about how the group came to be and get excited about their debut!

Dates for your diary: May 1st: Lucy’s teaser, May 4th: Songyee’s teaser, May 6th: Sora’s teaser, May 8th: Nana’s teaser, May 11th: group teaser, May 12th: music video teaser, May 13th: debut

Jang Hanna
Image Source: Jang Hanna via Instagram

When fans heard that Jang Hanna would be making her debut as a solo artist, they were thrilled. Formerly a YG Entertainment trainee, the singer announced that she would be making her debut with the single ‘RUNNAWAY’, a track that is self-produced and written. We can’t wait to hear the new track and join Jang Hanna on her new journey!

Dates for your diary: May 1st: single release

Kim Wooseok

Image Source: Kim Wooseok via Instagram

Kim Wooseok, UP10TION member and former member of X1, is about to make his solo debut! His fans, who hs has officially given the name Nia, are excited about his solo debut. If you’re impatiently waiting, then you can check out the reality show he has, which will be premiering on May 6, titled Woo Seok Unboxing.

Dates for your diary: May 6th: reality show premiere, May 25th: solo debut

So much is happening and we are so stoked! Which comeback are you hyped for? And which of these debuting artists will you be supporting? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Rachel Collucci, Destiny Drumgold, Jazmin Williams

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