We’re Ready To Face The Storm With Vitakari’s New Single ‘Bad Weather’

We’re Ready To Face The Storm With Vitakari’s New Single ‘Bad Weather’

Vitakari is one fierce queen, and you need to start stanning immediately! She is an LA-based artist with a sound inspired by the 2000’s Y2K pop and the early internet-rap era. She blends a bit of hip-hop and R&B into an indie-pop sound to create one of the most unique and killer sounds we’ve ever heard!

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Vitakari has released a new video for her song ‘Bad Weather,’ and it’s giving us major throwback vibes! It’s got us missing MySpace, the era of butterfly clips, bright colors, and simpler times. It looks like it was an absolute blast to film, and we are in love with it! We just have one question- can we be invited to the party next time?

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Despite the fun visuals, the video sends an important message throughout –self-love, confidence, shooting down negativity and haters, and bettering yourself. Check out the video below and see for yourself!

We give the video and Vitakari an A+++ and promote her to icon status! We know we will have this on repeat for the rest of our lives, and if you need more Vitakari in your life, and we know you do, click here and get to streaming!

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What do you think of the Vitakari and her new music video? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram!

To learn more about Vitakari:

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Featured Image Source: as posted on the official Vitakari Facebook page

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[…] Get some dice earrings, and get ready to be made whole – Vitakari is an LA based multimedia artist on the rise, and a bossbabe you won’t forget! She’s explored all different types of artistic mediums, such as painting, art installations, music and more. Now she’s bringing it all together in her fantastically retro music video for her new single, “Bad Weather.” […]

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