Sweet Releases So Sweet They’ll Give You Cavities.

Sweetest collection of new releases anywhere on the internet.

5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Red Velvet

Just one taste of the super sweet music of Red Velvet will you have falling in love!


How Allies Can Really Help the Black Lives Matter Movement: Celebrities Using Their Platform to Support and How You Can Too

Learn how celebrities are taking a stand beside the Black Lives Matter movement and see how you can help!

Fresh Music Friday: Lady Gaga, Monsta X, Ne-Yo, and MORE!

This weeks Fresh Music Friday is coming in HOT!

A Brief Run-Through Of Seventeen’s Hit The Road eps. 5-8

“Once this tiresome journey is over, we’ll be something the world has never seen”

#BlackLivesMatter: Here’s Ways You Can Get Involved In The Movement

This week has been upsetting and unsettling, to say the least. If you don’t know…

ALMANAC: 20 Years of Gorillaz… This Is Not A Drill

This is one ALMANAC that you never thought you wanted. Never thought you needed. Yet here we are.

4 Reasons We Liked The Acoustic Music Video Of ‘Worse’ By New Hope Club Better Than The Original

Self-directed and funny as hell, New Hope Club really delivered the greatest acoustic video of the year!

‘Mind Games’ Are A Big No From Ann Marie

Get ready for that mood to hit a straight up 10 with this newest hit from Ann Marie.

Your New Favorite Short Film, Pixar’s ‘Out’

Making the right kind of history.