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All Time Low Release B-Sides From the ‘Hopeless Vault’

All Time Low Release B-Sides From the ‘Hopeless Vault’

Hopeless Records has announced the start of the Hopeless Vaulta “vault” where they will be releasing new content that is rare for fans to enjoy. The first band’s content released in this vault is All Time Low, with the release of their B-Sides.

All Time Low recently released their newest album, Wake Up Sunshine, on April 3, to the joy of their loyal fanbase. The B-side tracks include unreleased songs and acoustic renditions from the band’s 2015 album, Future Hearts, such as fan-favorite song ‘Cinderblock Garden’. Hopeless Records has even provided a playlist on Spotify for fans to enjoy all the music content that they will be releasing. 

All Time Low have been keeping busy from home and giving their fans content they could have only dreamed of. There have been multiple live streams, including a special birthday one for bassist Zack Merrick to celebrate his birthday that passed on April 21. The group also has been doing “Virtual Happy Hour” where they drink some bottles from their ‘Everything is Wine‘ wine collection. You may even see some familiar faces in these videos, such as The Maine and State Champs. Guitarist and vocalist Alex Gaskarth has also participated in live streams to help raise funds for WHO and Global Citizens. If that wasn’t enough, you might also want to check out the band’s TikTok account, because, to no surprise at all, these guys are hilarious. 

All Time Low isn’t the only band that Hopeless Records will be releasing content from. They will be going through old recordings, merch and other surprises for fans who also like We Are The In Crowd, Neck Deep, Sum 41, Waterparks, and even more yet to be said. Some of these items will only be available for a limited time, so keep an eye out for more from the ‘Hopeless Vault’!

Have you checked out the B-sides from All Time Low Yet? How do You feel about the ‘Hopeless Vault’? Comment below telling us or tweet us @TheHoneyPop

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