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Gryffin Full Length Concert From Your Couch, You In?

Gryffin Full Length Concert From Your Couch, You In?

Dan Gryffin, or Gryffin as he is known, is an EDM artist who sold out the two nights at The Shrine in Los Angeles. Being classically trained, Gryffin brings a whole new perspective to the EDM scene. His breakthrough came in 2016 with singles ‘Heading Home’ ft. Josef Salvat and ‘Whole Heart’ which was a Bipolar Sunshine collaboration. Now he’s bringing the excitement of a live tour straight into our homes.

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This is an exciting, hour-long special filmed over two nights at The Shrine. Both nights sold out, and from the looks of it, if you weren’t there, you were missing out on something amazing. Luckily it was filmed in beautiful high tech definition just for your couch viewing pleasure. The energy practically oozes through the screen with just a short 30 seconds for us to take it all in. 

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Need a re-watch? Because we do. The good news is, you can bring the hype of concert season into your homes on May 9th, 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST on YouTube.

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