‘Supalonely’ Continues to Soar Up The Charts

‘Supalonely’ Continues to Soar Up The Charts

‘Supalonely’ is the smash hit from New Zealand singer, Stella Bennett, aka BENEE. The hit features American artist, Gus Dapperton, and it is making major waves online. Haven’t heard it yet? Allow us to refresh your memory. You can watch the music video here!

BENEE is on track to be one of the biggest new artists of 2020. She went from Soundcloud covers to giving the world a song with 200 million streams! TikTok stars have given a lot of the promo for the iconic song. A major TikTok account, Zoifishh, created the dance trend and now it’s been used over 11 million times! The biggest stars from Addison Rae, to Avani and even Emma Chamberlain have done the ‘Supalonely’ dance. Check it out!

The song has recently hit peaks at #10 on the Spotify Global Top 50, #22 on the US Top 50 Chart, and #58 on the Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, the single has exceeded 30 million streams on Apple Music and has recently reached #3 on the Apple Music Alternative Chart. It’s safe to say, everyone is getting into this song!

‘Supalonely’ is one of the songs off of BENEE’s 2019 EP, STELLA & STEVE. You can listen to the EP here! If you find yourself looking for the next big hit from the EP, listen to ‘Blu‘ and ‘Find an Island.’ We think BENEE will be around to stay! What do you think her next big song will be? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter at @TheHoneyPop!

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