‘How Far?’ Let’s Ask The Gorillaz

‘How Far?’ Let’s Ask The Gorillaz

‘How Far?’ is the Gorillaz latest addition to their Song Machine. This time we are working with Tony Allen and Skepta. The connection is pretty great with Tony Allen being a long time friend and musical collaborator with Damon Albarn. Skepta is London based having written and recorded the song just before the quarantine. This is a tribute to Tony Allen who passed away April 30th, 2020.

‘How Far?’

Like a circus come to life the tumbling notes at the beginning lighten the heart at the ambiguous question presented: ‘How Far?’ There’s nothing like a British accent to add to a rap. We love the cadence and rhythm. The flow is strong and flows straight into, under, and alongside the music that dances just behind the lyrics. Skepta has some chops.

"Like a chameleon, see a change in your color
Crabs in the barrel wanna hate on each other
So my life gets better, whatever the weather
I dance in the rain and I bathe in summer
It's the black Corleone in the button-up shirt
Before we take off you better buckle up first"

The lyrics just tumble one after the other. It’s a glorious expression that waits for no one as it tumbles on further and further. ‘How Far?’ I guess we may not know. What we do know is that it’s a refreshing listen that you should be shoving in your ear holes. And we can’t forget the deep groove of lyrics courtesy of Tony Allen. He may not say much but there’s a fierce intent behind him. Pour a drink or light a candle because this one is for our man Tony Allen. May he Rest In Peace.

Check out the song and be sure to tell us what you think either by commenting down below or reaching out to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. 

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Header Image Source: courtesy of Gorillaz Twitter

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