Alicia Keys Is On Fire! Her New Projects Have Us Lit

Alicia Keys Is On Fire! Her New Projects Have Us Lit

Alicia Keys is making 2020 her year! She recently graced the cover of CLASH Magazine and talked about her new album and book. The 15-time Grammy Award-winning artist is using this year to be more honest than she ever has before! You can buy Alicia’s featured issue of CLASH right here.

A New Album

Her new album Alicia, was originally set to be released in March of 2020. Due to Coronavirus, the album release has been postponed until further notice. According to Insider, we could be getting the self-titled album as early as May 15, 2020. Make sure you keep an eye out!

Despite the delay of her album, Alicia released a track that will be on the record. She released ‘Good Job’ at the end of April, and fans are loving it. The song praises the hard work being done by essential workers during this turbulent time. Many other artists are releasing music with similar aims. If you haven’t heard the new song yet, check it out!

A New Book

Although her album was delayed, Alicia Keys was able to release her brand new book, More Myself. The singer, songwriter, producer can now add best-selling author to her list of titles! Alicia’s journey has been amazing, and now that her book is out, fans can finally see what makes her so incredible. More Myself can be downloaded or ordered online right here! Keys knows that readers will get to know her on a vulnerable level after reading her book. The singer says, “I’ve always wanted people to really know me, I just wasn’t ready to share it. But now I am.”

In so many ways the book brings us through the journey so far and explores these themes and places that we’re all going through [as women] and how to really become our authentic selves.

Alicia Keys

We can’t wait for Alicia’s new album to finally arrive! What other projects do you think she has lined up for 2020? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter at @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Jon Kopaloff via FilmMagic. Image Source: Ryan James Caruthers.

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