ASHS Isn’t Waiting Around For A Call Anymore

ASHS Isn’t Waiting Around For A Call Anymore

ASHS, or as we learned back in December Alyssa Reid, is on a slow-burning crawl into our hearts with her new music. Created as a means to explore some new sonic territory we have high hopes for ASHS. If you haven’t heard ‘Paranoid’ yet get on it but first here’s a new tune to tickle that artistic side of your brain. We present to you a look into ‘Don’t Call Me’.

‘Don’t Call Me’

Pop heartbreak with a twist. A dark and twisty twist at that. Leading cuts taking the ordinary into a discomforting murdery territory. We love the juxtaposition. Aerial drone footage has never looked so creepy. The slow surveillance of the scene coupled with the lightning storm really sets the mood. We don’t want to spoil it all go watch it. Now! No excuses, it’s right here just for you. Just a click, sit back and enjoy the beautiful chaos.

We know you horror fans out there loved this. If you scroll through Alyssa’s twitter you can see her deep love and affection for all things spooky. The music video premiered on April 17th. So don’t sleep on this new wave any longer. We are absolutely in love with ASHS and their artsy vision.

What did you think about the music video? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or comment below and let us know what your face looked like when you saw the reveal!

Need another dive into our ASHS takes? Try this. How about more music for your playlist? Whatever the need we have something for you.


Featured Image Source: ASHS Official Twitter

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